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Digital Iceman
Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2005 1:42 pm
Joined: 20 Jul 2005 Posts: 17 Location:
Since rotation I build a deck that remain very strong.
Just say: a Polearm and this deck is dead!
though fights for the first sites with the couple of new guy that makes minion invincible on region 1 (or invicible Uruk as well)
funny thing: see everywere the frodo face...

Ring Bearer
Frodo, Resolute hobbit
the one ring, Isildur’s Bane (the best one)

Adventure deck
The Prancing Pony
Old Forest Road
Dammed gate-stream
and any sites for your dark site Cool (except for Neekerbreeker’s bog)

Starting (3)
Sam, Resolute Hobbit
Legolas, Greenleaf
Smeagol, Always help

Free Peoples (37)
Arwen, Queen of Men&Elves x1
Faramir, son of denethor x1
Aragorn, elessar telcontar x3
Gondor Bowmen x4
Shadowplay x4
Mind your own affair x4
Power according to his Stature x3
No use that way x2
Cliffs of Emyn Muil x2
Don’t follow the lights x1
Follow Smeagol x1
A light in his mind x1
Birthday present x1
Anduril, King’s Blade x1
Aragorn’s bow x1
Faramir’s bow x1
No stranger to the shadow x1
Bow of the Galadhrim x1
Long knives of Legolas x1
Knives of the Galadhrim x1
Sting, Weapon of Heritage x1
Billy the pony x1

AVOID POLEARM! Evil or Very Mad
That’s it. Bid as you wish, if you begin, follow smeagol (to find faramir in the prancing pony) but this is a deck that may corrupt itself! Toldea is a monster, exhaust him and make him mind his own affairs! four burdens is easy to get.
The main idea is: shadowplay+greenleaf , then heal sam. funny with birthday+light in his mind! The cycling is good (loose init’ whenever it’s possible)
At this time I play the very well-known nazgul corruption (with enquea, thrall and Toldea, Messenger+ sense of obligation) and a drawing maching at the start of the shadow phase: Ithil Stone/bend on discovery x3.
enjoy this deck, easy to play and customisable as will!
Digital Iceman
Captains never fall!

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