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Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2007 12:56 pm
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--- description ---
A quick and effective way of winning the game: FIRE!!!
--- end description ---

Goblin Charbelcher x2
Granite Shard x2
Shock x4
Kilnmouth Dragon x2
Blaze x4
Pyroclasm x2
Volcanic Hammer x4
Fiery Gambit x2
Pulse of the Forge x2
Lava Spike x4
Seal of Fire x4
Hidetsugu’s Second Rite x4

Mountain x22

Side deck:

Char x4
Mogg Sentry x4
Fireball x4
Leyline of Lightning x3

The strategy of this deck is pretty simple. Burn your opponent to his utter humiliation! The best way to achieve victory is douse any creatures he gets down with straightforward cards like shock, pyroclasm or volcanic hammer, while nibbling on his life points with Lava spike and seal of fire. You can then either take his life down to 10 and have him wait for a round while you prepare to use Hidetsugu’s Second Rite, or carry on with your burning spell assaults and reduce his life to 0 slowly and painfully. Pulse of the forge can be a good balancer, as you can do 8 damage with 6 mana, and still keep the card in hand! Fiery Gambit can do miracles if you feel lucky especially with the great effect you can use after getting 3 tosses in a row. The two artifacts are two great ways of carrying on to bombard your opponent, the first being a much better solution than rod of ruin, (with the only drawback that is messes your draw deck a little), the latter striking relatively cheaply (just one mana). Kilnmouth is used as a last resort, as he can only get down on round 7 by using ALL your mana, but his effect is lethal for both players and creatures, as one tap is enough to devastate any creature or hurt any player more than enough...

Sideboard: Char is a classic burner card, as is leyline of lightning. I put the latter in the sideboard, due to personal reasons… Fireball and Mogg Sentry are to be used if your opponent has too many creatures for the rest of your deck to deal with.

Waiting for your replies, i’m probably gonna take this to a tournament next week!!!

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