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Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 4:18 am
Joined: 17 Jan 2007 Posts: 6 Location: Littleton, Co
--- description ---
What makes this deck unique? well, its ability to totally screw over and burn deck that deals with single targets, enchantments, and huge creatures (usually). the sideboard is really nice for three different types of decks, but sideboarding is rarely needed.
--- end description ---

60 Cards

13x forest
1x Winding Canyons
1x Wirewood Lodge

3x Naturalize
3x Dense Foliage

1x Heedless One
2x Tribal Forcemage
2x Boreal Druid
3x Seeker of Skybreak
4x Wirewood Hivemaster
4x Taunting Elf
4x Defiant Elf
4x Timberwatch Elf
4x Elvish Champion
4x Well Wisher
4x Fyndhorn Elves
4x Llanowar Elves

1x Meekstone
1x Ambush Commander
2x Skyshroud Archer
2x Alpha Status
1x Leyline of Lifeforce
2x Gaea’s Herald
1x Dosan the Falling Leaf
1x Naturalize
2x Elvish Guidance
1x Slate of Ancestry

Ok, i must start out the explanasion of this deck with a little thing to tell you: if you are playing a bunch of newbies with this deck who buy boxes and boxes of TYPE 2 cards, make sure you don’t laugh or anything when you get to 500000 life and there is no chance in h3ll that they can win. that is what this deck does, mostly. the whole thing can run off of one forest, so, that means that if you only draw one mana in your opening hand, and if its a forest, keep the damn thing. dense foliage is the thing that usually makes every other person that i face in a match angry, and the reason is because it states " Creatures cannot be the target of spells." if i play that card and people don’t read it or ask to read it, they will usually skip over it and then waste a spell later on. um, elvish champion is fun, but having 2 wellwishers in play is just as fun. the sideboard is pretty good. dosan and herald and leyline are for coutnerspell deck, archers are for flying, meekstone is specifically for those darn Colossus decks, guidance and slate go together perfectly and commander and alpha status are for just total overrun of power. the naturalize is just a filler card because i couldn’t figure out what else should go in there. anyways, the deck is simple to figure out...play as many possible creatures as you can in the shortest amount of time to overrun your oppenent, or gain a lot of life, or stall the game indefinently. to make the deck better, use Priest of Titania’s, Aluren, and Concordant Crossroad’s with slate of ancestry to create a huge army in about 4 turns, 3 if you use some mox’s. well, thats my deck.

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