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Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 4:42 am
Joined: 17 Jan 2007 Posts: 6 Location: Littleton, Co
--- description ---
What makes this specific burn deck unique is that its not all burn, and it make sthe opponent face, sometimes really hard, choices, but it also has the ability to make other decks lose their ability to play cards.
--- end description ---

14x Mountain
1x Mercadian Bazaar

2x Vulshok Sorcerer
4x Spark Elemental

1x Browbeat
2x Final Fortune
2x Boros Signet
2x Apocalypse
4x Lava Spike
4x Volcanic Hammer
4x Desperate Ritual
4x Seething Song
4x Lightning Bolt
4x Crack the Earth
4x Shock
4x Breaking Point

1x Threaten
2x Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
2x Furnace of Rath
2x Slith Firewalker
2x Reckless Abandon
2x Firebolt
2x Vulshok Sorcerer
2x Demonfire

Well, this deck is a very straight forward deck, except with a few minor twists you must keep in mind with this specific deck. ok, the first twist is this: in your opening hand, if you have 3 or more mana in it, discard and table shuffle. if you have two mana in your hand keep it. if you have one mana in your hand, make a smart judgement on how long you will be able to last based on that one mana and the inference that you will not draw mana for atleast 4 turns. the reason this is is because since the deck primarily runs on one mana, when you need to play an apocalypse, it really help to have atleast two mana so that if you have a desperate ritual and a seething song in your hand or coming up, you can play apocalypse whenever its needed. and trust me, when playing against most decks, apocalypse will generally mana screw all other decks. that is why this deck revolves mostly around one mana. now, the reason i put kiki and rath in the sideboard is because at times, one is faced with a goblin deck or squirrel deck, where the turn before is always necessary before they pull out some crazy stuff. the demonfire is something that i have been considering putting back in the main deck because i seem to be generating lots of mana with nothing to use it on. and everything else in the sideboard is explanatory except maybe threaten, but the only time i ever use that is against an oath deck. the mana ratio is 3:1 which works well with this deck usually, but remember what i told you at the beginning of this and your deck will be fantastic. frustrating at time, but still fantastic!

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