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Felipe Musco
Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2006 3:30 pm
Joined: 18 May 2006 Posts: 2434 Location: Florianópolis, SC, Brasil
Yes, and that’s why my swarms deck had 42 Shadow cards... But I DID prefer my Troll Shadow, since as you mentioned, they stick around.
I don't like YOU.
Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:29 am
Joined: 03 Dec 2006 Posts: 426 Location:
Despite what anyone says about Shoulder to Shoulder, it is an awesome card!! I’ll get to why in a second, but I noticed other than your Athelas, condition removal for your FP is pretty limited. I didn’t even see Sleep Caradhras, but I could have missed it. Anyways, Athelas has a dual purpose, but to defend against your opponent’s possible swarm or a Sauron "Grind" deck (Orc Bowmen/Under The Watching Eye/Hate) or even against Black Breath/Blade Tips, Deep In Thought is the way to go. As you may or not know, Sleep Caradhras can clean the board clean of ALL conditions, but if you can spot 4 twilight during the maneuver phase, then you can ditch ALL of your opponent’s conditions all the while keeping your own. This is where Shoulder to Shouler comes in. Just exert Elves and Dwarves back to back however many times you need to until you have 4 twilight and then drop Deep In Thought!!! It’s kind of a broken mechanic, but it’s NOT OFFICIALLY BROKEN! Do it and watch your opponents cry...wah wah! Good luck!

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