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Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 11:48 am
Joined: 29 Jan 2007 Posts: 8 Location: Greece, Athens
--- description ---
Monoblack Rat Deck! Swarm your opponents with a lot of little filthy rats!
--- end description ---

This is a monoblack rat deck, legal in extended, with a lot of creatures and a slice of removals. It has an average casting cost of 3.69 and it is based on some combos and some bomb cards which fit very well in this deck.

Maindeck (60 cards)

// Lands
20 Swamp
4 [TO] Cabal Coffers

// Creatures
3 [7E] Crypt Rats
4 [9E] Ravenous Rats
3 [9E] Swarm of Rats
4 [BOK] Throat Slitter
3 [BOK] Okiba-Gang Shinobi
3 [CHK] Marrow-Gnawer
4 [CHK] Nezumi Graverobber--Nighteyes the Desecrator
3 [DIS] Ratcatcher
4 [DS] Chittering Rats

// Spells
3 [BOK] Eradicate
2 [CHK] Rend Flesh

Sideboard (15 cards)
2 [9E] Cruel Edict
1 [BOK] Eradicate
2 [CHK] Rend Flesh
3 [FD] Ensouled Scimitar
4 [RAV] Stinkweed Imp
3 [9E] Defense Grid

How it works (strategy):

This deck has also a parallel discard nature, with the comes-into-play triggered effect of Ravenous Rats, the when-it-damages-opponent effect of Okina-Gang Shinobi and the very annoying comes-into-play effect of Chiterring Rats. The ninjitsu ability of Okina-Gang and Throat Slitter could be combined with the comes-into-play effect of Ravenous Rats and Chiterring Rats (we play Ravenous Rats, the discard effect triggers, then we play another creature with ninjitsu, we take at our hand the Rat and we play it again, thw effect triggers for a second time and so on…), and if we’ll stand lucky we can mess up our opponents game for good. This is a cool combo in order to achieve the discard of some important cards of our opponent for the future game and this will be combined the removal artillery of our deck so that we’ll not lose the control of the board in the first turns.
The removals we have are the 5 only spells of the deck (3 eradicates and 2 rend flesh), the when-it-damages-opponent triggered ability of Okina-Gang Shinobi and the ability of Crypt Rats (very important card for this deck – maybe I should use 4 copies of it). I put some Eradicates and some Rend Flesh (and into our sideboard) so that we could be protected against black creatures and annoying spirit creatures.
The bomb cards we can lead us to victory at the after game are :

If we already have a respectful number of rats on ours side of the table we can have our opponent in very difficult situation at our next attack phase. The “all rats have fear” is something that can finish him easily as soon as he hasn’t any black creatures. The tap ability is something that can fill the table with rat tokens in only one or two turns.

Swarm of Rats : Combined with Marrow-Gnawrel can be turned into a falling tree falling into our opponents head. But, if we haven’t managed to maintain a lot of rats, this could be useless, especially in the first turns. Plus, the 1 toughness is a very serious drawback.

Ratcatcher: The “search your library for a rat card and put it into your hand” ability is just perfect for our late game. We can have any of our bomb cards or any of that rats with the usefull comes-into-play triggered effect. Plus it is a heavy body (4/4) with fear in our side.

Crypt Rats:
Our opponent has 6 life and we have 7 and it is our turn with a crypt rat in play and 6 mana free. What do we do? Perfect finisher as long as we have more life tan our opponent and some lands into play. Perfect mass removal for some difficult situations on board.

Our sideboard:

Some more removals, according to the type of creatures we are dealing with. Some Ensouled Schimitars so we can block some flying attacks and we can add to one of our creatures toughness +5 points (such as our Swarm of Rats). Some Defense Grid for annoying counterspells. 4 Stinkweed Imp for protection from flyers.

Some drawbacks:
Well… you can tell me some. I think my main board hasn’t any flier and that’s bad. And, of course, anything for artifacts-enchantments (monoblack drawbacks…)

How much it costs/adding money: It isn’t an expensive deck, it has some high-chase uncommons such as eradicate bit anything very very expensive. If we want to add some money, we can add –of course- some Ink-Eyes (it is a rat an a very good finisher)

I’m open to any questions/suggestions. Thanks for your time

Very Happy
Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 6:12 pm
Joined: 26 Jan 2007 Posts: 31 Location:
Yum, rat deck. I’ve never been able to build a really good rat deck, and I’m jealous when people make one that works.

I think that yours really could work well. I’d have to play test it to see, but it looks good.

My main concern would be the 3.69 ave. casting cost. Is this really high when you don’t have mana boosts or land search or affinity? It seems to me, but maybe in play it isn’t too bad. Esp. since you have 8 - 1B casts.

Also I know that Coat of Arms is expensive, but its really a big game stopper when you have that many rats.
Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 8:11 pm
Joined: 29 Jan 2007 Posts: 8 Location: Greece, Athens
You’ve right about the high casting average cost, but as you said, there are a lot of low cost creatures for the early game. Coat of arms is very good, as it is for any tribal deck, but as you said, it is very expensive and I want to built cheap decks which can you upgrade later if you want by adding money. So, for adding money to the deck, Coat Of Arms is an other good choice!

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