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Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 8:44 pm
Joined: 21 Jan 2007 Posts: 123 Location: Hidden in FBI's basement
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Let me give you some advice.. If you ever meet this in the forest, play dead, and maybe he’ll just play with you for some hours!
--- end description ---
Well, this ain’t actually an article contest with only two competitors is it? Hope it’s not going to be. It would be fun to get this WoW Forum going, like the Lotr forum, but then again, its a fairly new game.

When I first started playing WoW Online, I chose to be a Druid. Alliance as you may see is ironic, because I will not make a deck with Moonshadow, but with Thangal. No, I have not converted into darkness, but I’ve thought of a deck, I’d never would have dared to face myself. Before I saw anything else, here is the deck list:


Halnar Stands-Alone x4
Rak Skyfury x4
Guardian Steelhorn x4

Bash x4
Bear Form x4
Feral Rage x4
Maul x4
Natural Defenses x4
Predatory Strikes x4

Devilsaur Leggings x2
Green Whelp Armor x2
Lei of Lilies
Masons Fraternity Ring x3
Gift of the Elven Magi x3
Chromatic Cloak x1
Eye of Rend x1

Rite of Vision x4
Counterattack! x4
Big Game Hunter x2
Tooga’s Quest x2

Total cards: 61

Well, as you might see, Rite of Vision is not from Heroes of Azeroth, it’s from the new series The Dark Portal, but the best quest you can have in this deck since I use a Tauren hero.

This deck is about pure Feral bear form. He is a protector at all times, not like he’s got lots of allies to protect though. The main combo is that when Thangal is in bear form, he is huge. With Predatory Strikes he is +2 for each. He also gets a boost from Masons Fraternity Ring , which he can use two of.
Thats a total of 10 in strength each time he attacks, with no weapon! But you have to remember that you never can attack with the weapon, since if you read the bear form ability, you can see that you must discard the card, if you strike with a weapon. This counts for all the ongoing feral cards aswell..

So why do I use Gift of the Elven Magi then? Well, as you see, my deck consists of 24 abilities, and the chances of me getting one is fairly big. But whats ultimate with it, is that if its not an ability, you could just not reveal it and put it on the top again! It’s a great card for getting your abilities out fast.

Well, if you only have strength when you are attack, how then can you smite your opponents allies? With Devilsaur Leggings of course. You still though have to use maul to get that + 1 ATK to deal damage to them. You should wait for that moment when they have lots of allies, and scare them by pumping +1 when the first one attacks.

Well, if we look at the card Rite of Vision, you probably will say: "What kind of card do I need to have?". We first have to look at your situation.
If you meet a great counter deck of yours, and you think you’re having a slow start. Concede the game! Not like the regular conceding, but with a Heartstone! You will probably win the next game Smile
You’re facing a Paladin, which you can’t kill off, since he heals to much, preventing, ect. You probably have lots of recourses by know, so you can easily play cards like: Chromie ( An extra Turn should give you a boost), Zy’lah Manslayer (To Protect and Serve), Warchief Thrall ( To make your opponent trimble) or any other card that you need to kill off that Hero!

The main problem is how to keep that silly Spirit Guide Token alive, isn’t it? Well, as you can see, there is always 1 protector here, Thangal. Early in game, he can protect anything, but only once, since you need to exhaust him when you protect. Thats why I use 4 Guardian Steelhorn in my deck. They are the suicides and the holy protectors of the Token! If 1 Token survives, it just might win you the game!

Its a lot of equipment, isn’t it? But if you look closer, all of those equipments, are much better than any ally. Lei of Lilies for an example, is not in the deck, because I want to have an Epic in my deck. (I’m not the noob I once were ;P) Its got a very good function, since I’m drawing lots of cards, plus that it has a finishing touch, if I’m in bad shape.

I also have a lot of armor. And many don’t protect so much either. So why would I use a card like Eye of Rend? I’m not going to use a weapon, so why bother with the + 1 ATK on weapons? Most of the equipment is there for preventing damage to my hero, and they get more defence by Natural Defenses. This is one of the key cards and a true savior of this deck. If I have 4 of these out, I can prevent (Counting 1 of each equipment) 5(Devilsaur Leggings)+4(Eye of Rend)+5(Green Whelp Armor)+4(Chromatic Cloak)= 18 damage on one round.. Awesome.. Should be more Armors for the poor Druids..

The way this deck is winning, is to attack with the high strength Hero, without the weapon, and then play Rak Skyfury, ready your Hero, to attack again! Hope you have some more Raks on your hand!

I don’t think this deck is as solid as i want it to be. Ability destroying, smites this deck as an ant. But are there so many of those around?
Its weak against abilities too. Have nothing in the deck that smothers abilities, but thats what so good about Rite of Vision!! Search you collection and find the card you want Smile Make sure to make a sideboard, so you don’t have to search so much to find the card you want. Have some of those I mentioned and some ally, equipment and ability destroying cards with you. Then you will do just fine!

I’m gonna wrap it up here, so I can get some comments Smile

Thanks for taking you time!

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