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Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2007 2:26 pm
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--- description ---
Not much to add to the title, here it goes!
--- end description ---

Let’s do this...

Abilities [24]
[04] Holy Shield
[04] Divine Shield
[04] Holy Light
[04] Touched by Light
[04] Hammer of Justice
[04] Blessing of Might

Allies [04]
[04] Leeroy Jenkins

Equipment / Weapons [16]
[02] Hide of the Wild
[02] Stronghold Gauntlets
[02] Lionheart Helm
[02] Deathdealer Breastplate
[02] Skullflame Shield
[02] Annihilator
[02] Deathbringer
[02] Wraith Scythe

Quests [16]
[04] Zapped Giants
[04] Big Game Hunt
[04] It’s a Secret to Everybody
[04] Sunken Treasure

Sidedeck [10]
[03] Vanquish
[02] Burn Away
[02] Shattering Blow
[01] Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker
[01] Lady Jaina Proudmoore
[01] King Magni Bronzebeard

I’ve tested it and all previous variants got HUGELY overwhelmed. Thus I tossed out some ideas that were prevalent here.

The big deal-getting swarmed. The original concept of control was to stall out until you equip your Paladin to strike back. It’s still fundamentally the same deal here...but with a little more aggression. Leeroys do a lot for this deck as do the blessing of mights. I hated the idea of sitting back and stalling. It pretty much meant you didn’t control the tempo, and you had to hope you still had enough gas at the end to wrestle the tempo back. Not too good of a strategy on paper...even if it is control. I would call it more "reactionary".

Aggro tries to hit the curve and drop something every turn. This deck copies that to some extent. I have 1 equipment / 1 weapon for most every turn. So that means that in general...there is always a card to play on a given turn. So that means, in theory, that I can match them drop for drop.

Why are some cards missing?

Seal of Wisdom-this card looked great on paper. But I was swinging late game when all the cards I needed were in play. I wasn’t doing enough early game to make it worthwhile to me. Having touched by lights combo’ed with hide makes a 2 heal for 1 plus a card. Much better early game advantage.

Truesilver Breastplate-You hear a lot of the "soft-lock" combo’ed with Hide. Again...it sounded good on paper to me. I found some problems for one, the breastplate came out way too late in the game. Around turn 6 you should be aiming to grab back control the of the game. So instead, I chose to combo the Hide with touched, holy light, and midgame with the wraith scythe.

Leeroy-A lot of people have been building Solo-din builds that are viable. For me, it just felt that having no allies left a BIG bulls-eye on your hero. Leeroy made a nice surpise with no drawback, and gave my opponent something to deal with, and immediately at that. No insult to Solo-din builds...just my own preference.

Weapon selection-Aside from the wraith scythe, I’m not sure about the rest. I wanted 1-handed weapons to combo with the skullflame shields. That was my only requirement.

Again...this is all just theory, I don’t have playtest results yet. So once I get the necessary 1-2-3 resource buffer for my abilities, and draw out a few cards via quests/abilities, I can hopefully start mounting up my hero and using leeroy to start pressing the aggo in areas where I miss a drop.
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Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 3:49 pm
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Who’s your hero? I would think that with all your stuff it would have to be Graccus.

Anyway, once your weapons get going, they rule! And with all your quests...you have tons of resources later on to pull all that damage off. One-hitting your opponent’s hero? Twisted Evil

One more question, I’m completely new, how does the side deck work?
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Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 6:51 am
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Sorry dude, just saw the reply.

Awh, memories from WoW... Very Happy

You use the sideboard just like in MTG. In between 2 matches, you change your deck by using cards from your side board to fix it better against your opponent.
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Far, Far beyond the island we dwelt in shapes of twilight
Through draught and weary days
Through grief and endless pain

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