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MR. Lurtzy
Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 2:53 pm
Joined: 30 May 2007 Posts: 423 Location: Living with the Governator
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Hey guys. Im a beginner deck builder with not a whole lot of cards to work with. I collected from about darksteel and am now on planar chaos. I could use some tips for strategic deck building. This is my best so far, I guess a removal deck. So please dont hesitate to give advice for i need it badly. Thx. P.S. What is an "Aggro Deck"?
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60 Cards
1 x Lava Burst
1x That Which Was Taken
10x Forest
10x Mountain
1x Iron Myr
1x Copper Myr
1x Myojin of Life’s Web
1x Azusa, Lost but Seeking
1x Furnace Dragon
1x Spark Elemental
1x Copperhoof Vorrac
1x Plated Slagwurm
1x Scorched Rusalka
1x Root Elemental
1x Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers
2x Talisman of Impulse
1x Blind with Anger
1x Stomping Ground
2x Stone Rain
1x Gruul Turf
1x Spitting Earth
2x Ur-Golem’s Eye
1x General’s Kabuto
1x Unchecked Growth
1x Lava Axe
1x Stalking Stones
1x Commune With Nature
1x Fireball
1x Lure
1x Seismic Spike
1x Unnatural Speed
1x Unearthly Blizzard
1x Time of Need
1x Into the Fray
1x Desperate Ritual
1x Dragon’s Claw
1x Empyrial Plate
1x Gruul Signet
1x Artifact Mutation
Felipe Musco
Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 4:25 pm
Joined: 18 May 2006 Posts: 2434 Location: Florianópolis, SC, Brasil
Ok, let me frist welcome you kindly to our humble boards! It may seem that this Forum is quite innactive, but I’m ALWAYS checking things out to answer everyone’s questions as best as I can, so feel free to post ANY kind of doubt either in gameplay, rulings, deckbuilding, etc., or even PM me if you’d like.
So, now, let me give you a heads up in deckbuilding. First, ALWAYS state your conditions, how much do you usually spend, how easily can you get cards for the format (in this case, Extended), how much would you be willing to spend (or, if you just need the deck as good as it can get, no matter what goes into it, just ask for suggestions for improvement), these kinds of things. Then, get a Haves & Wants list up at the Trading Forum, even though your collection may be small, you never know what people may be looking for.
Now, let’s talk a bit about archetypes. MtG decks come, essentially, in three "big" archetypes, which would be Aggro, Control and Combo (and personally, I use a fourth archetype that would be called Burn). So, what does these means?

Aggro - Stands for "aggressive", meaning a deck that has a very quick rush of creatures, usually as mana-efficient as possible (like Kird Ape, Isamaru, Hound of Konda, Watchwolf, Ravenous Baloth, etc...), and then packs burn spells (spells that deal damage to a creature or player) to either finish off the game of take away troublesome creatures that stand in your way (so, some might argue a Burn deck IS sort of an aggro deck, although it usually runs VERY few creatures, like Ball Lightning or Mogg Fanatic, and a BUNCH of burn spells).

Control - Control decks usually have either very few (but very powerful) creatures (called "finishers"), or create a "lock" (a game state situation that your opponent can’t break off of, like having Rule of Law/Arcane Laboratory and Spell Burst with a whole bucnh of mana out). These are slow ways to win, of course, so the deck is built around stalling the game long enough to get the cards it needs, usually abusing removal, card advantage and all sorts of disruption.

Combo - Combo decks are the less interactive decks available, usually using your life points as a cushion, literally being a sitting duck while you dig for the combo pieces as fast as possible, and then they usually "go off" in one big turn (for instance, by playing a big number of rituals like Cabal Ritual, Seething Song, Rite of Flame and then Dragonstorm, getting, say, 4 Bogardan Hellkites and/or 4 Kokusho, the Evening Star, and sending 20 straight to the dome), outright winning the game. They usually pack some sort of disruption and/or mass removal to stay alive long enough if the metagame is really fast.

So, the first thing is to find out which type of deck you’ll want to build from these ones. Then, in comes a few tips about deckbuilding itself:

- Go for redundancy: if you want to pound with efficient creatures from turn two on, pack 8-12 one-drops; if you want to be able to burn out an opponent if the initial rush does not get the job done, pack a lot of efficient burn spells; if you want to control the game countering spells, pack a lot of counters; so on, so forth.
- Go for consistency: if your goal is to rush out your opponent, playing ONLY 1 mana 1/1 creatures won’t get the job done in the long run, so you’ll need a stream of creatures alongside the mana curve, so look for good 1-drops, 2-drops, 3-drops, 4-drops, so on, so forth.
- Pay attention to the mana curve: how many lands will your deck be playing? Aggro decks tend to play less lands, so expensive spells are out of the picture. Also, keep in mind that, as you rise through the mana curve, the number of cards you should play lessen, so an aggro decks can only afford a small number of, say, 4-5 drops.
- Play enough lands: in standard and extended, aggro decks tend to run 21-23 lands (some few exceptions for absurdly cheap decks may be made). Control decks need to hit their land drop each turn for a good long time (since they tend to play those pesky 8-mana-or-so spells), so they’ll usually play anything from 23-26 lands. Combo decks will keep in mind the amount of lands they need to go off, and play enough to hit land drops until the crucial turn, so it can be anything from 16-23.
- Abuse the powerful cards: if a card fits your deck perfectly (and it’s not prohibitive in mana cost, of course), then play 4 of it. You need to draw your good spells in order to win, so it all comes down to math, meaning, the more copies you play, the more often they’ll pop out from the top of your library.

Also, always keep in mind formatting when posting a deck, in order to help us help you. I usually split my deck in, at least, Lands, Creatures, Spells and Sideboard (when it has one), makes it a whole lot easier to look through. So, I’ll leave you with these tips for now, and see what you can come up with (if you get to change anything at all, that is), and then I’ll pop up again to give you "inner" criticism on it.
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