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Felipe Musco
Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2006 6:18 pm
Joined: 18 May 2006 Posts: 2434 Location: Florianópolis, SC, Brasil
This deck is just a nostalgic, nonplayable in any format (I guess), quick finisher (believe me, it CAN finish a game turn ONE!), with two ways of winning: either you burn your opponent’s life points to zero, or you deck him out with a HUGE Stroke of Genius. The idea of this deck is just to show new players how powerful cards in Magic can be, or at least how powerful they WERE before the age of "banned" lists came... Homage
The land count may seem ABSURDLY low, but if you REALLY think that, I suggest you to playtest the deck before saying anything else. Now, for it’s structure:

10 Lands

4 Tolarian Academy
2 Underground Sea
4 City of Brass

20 Artifacts

4 Spellbook
4 Mox Sapphire
4 Mox Jet
4 Lotus Petal
4 Mox Ruby

6 Sorceries

4 Timetwister
2 Fireball

4 Enchantments

4 Mind Over Matter

20 Instants

4 Ancestral Recall
4 Stroke of Genius
4 Vampiric Tutor
4 Counterspell
4 Force of Will

First of all, new players may not know these cards, so I suggest seraching them on Wizards site to take a look at them, instead of me having to explain them all.
Now, for the sake of the Vampiric Tutors, I decided to add 2 U/B duals, but if you don’t feel the need to do this, you can add a R/U... Also, I chose Fireball as my winning condition, although ANY XRed spell will do the trick, you may even find a better one. I just plain like Fireball better.
This deck works in a very simple way: you play as much artifacts as you can, so you can have all your deck in your hand, and produce a lot of mana. Then, all you have to do is draw cards, REALLY fast, until you draw/tutor a Tolarian Academy Applause . Then, just play Mind Over Matter, and it’s game. Just tap Tolarian Academy, produce A LOT of mana, draw some cards, discard a card from your hand to untap the Academy. Note that you can add mana, discard a card to untap it, tap it again, discard another card, and so on... before drawing with the Stroke. Then, when you have enough cards in hand, either generate LOTS of mana to a HUGE Fireball, or force your opponent to draw his entire deck. Dancing
Pretty nice deck indeed, huh? Loved to play it in simulation against friends of mine! Twisted Evil
I don't like YOU.
Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 3:34 pm
Joined: 14 Aug 2005 Posts: 806 Location: Maryland
and this is why moxen are restricted Very Happy
Felipe Musco
Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 9:35 pm
Joined: 18 May 2006 Posts: 2434 Location: Florianópolis, SC, Brasil
Yeah. But it’s still pretty fun to toy with them! Very Happy I once won a match by DECKING on the 2nd turn! Bwahwahwahwahwa!!!! Laughing
I’m working in a new article, just testing the deck. It may be as fun as this one to play ni casual, but not nearly as powerful, something like my obsessed Booby Trap ideas... Turning a rather useless card playable.
I don't like YOU.
Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2006 5:04 pm
Joined: 14 Aug 2005 Posts: 806 Location: Maryland
well, you could always go for the first turn win Very Happy

Or you could be absurdly mean and play tendrils... theres a lot of cheap things you can do with no restrictions

20 (4 Mox of every color)
4 black lotus
4 ans. recall
4 Time Walk
4 Tendrils of Agony
4 Tolarian Academy
4 Pentad Prism
4 Dark Ritual
4 Yawgmoth’s Will
4 Yawgmoth’s Bargain
4 Lotus Petal
4 Mana Vault

That would be the cheapest deck ever. Actually, adding FoW would be even better- even if they go first, you’d still have a shot. Thats a cheap deck right there, though^^^.

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