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Memnarch Mastermind
Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2006 12:18 am
Joined: 24 Jan 2006 Posts: 49 Location: Bochum/Germany
Avatar of angels WhiteWhiteWhiteWhiteWhite

Legendary creature - Angel avatar

You may remove 3 angel cards form your hand rather than pay Avatar of angels’ mana cost.

Flying, first strike, vigilance, haste

Avatar of angels is indestructable.

When avatar of angels comes into play, you gain 7 life.



Avatar of Wizards BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

Legendary creature - wizard avatar

You may remove 3 wizards from your hand rather than pay....

Flying, haste

You may play Avatar of wizards any time you could play an instant.

1Blue, Tap: Counter target spell unless it’s controller pays 4.
U: Untap Avatar of wizards

3 / 6


Avatar of death BlackBlackBlackBlackBlack

Legendary creature - assassin avatar

You may remove 3 assassins from your hand rather than pay...

Fear, trample, haste

Protection from all colors and artifacts

BlackBlack: destroy target creature.
Tap : target opponent sacrifices a creature unless he or she pays 5 life.

5 / 9


Avatar of Life GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen

Legendary creature - elf avatar

You may remove 3 elves from your hand rather than pay...

Avatar of life can’t be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.

Trample, haste

Avatar of Life may block as though it has flying.
Tap: add three mana of any one color to your mana pool.
Green: regenerate
Green: target creature gains +1/+1 until end of turn.

2 / 7


avatar of dragons RedRedRedRedRed

Legendary creature - dragon avatar

You may remove 3 dragons from your hand rather than pay...

Flying, double strike, haste

Protection from white and from black

RedRedRed: Avatar of dragons gains +4/+0 until end of turn.

XX, Tap: Avatar of dragons deals X damage to target creature and X damage to that creature’s controller.

4 / 8


What do you think? Which one’s your favourite or do you dislike them all?
post your opinion, I’m very interested in your thinking!

Which one do you like most? I think if these cards are printed like I made them, they’ll cost ~10 to 20$. My favorite is the white one, but the green one would be the most expensive IMO because of his mana ability and elf removal(You’d need 3 elves. There are enough elves to remove if you don’t play them for acceleration, this one would do acceleration for you as well!).

WotC is never going to print them, that’s clear! d'oh!
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Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 4:29 pm
Joined: 14 Aug 2005 Posts: 806 Location: Maryland
Why shouldn’t WOTC print them (lol)?

I mean, seriously, they overdo everything these days, so why not pitch cards?

Granted, they would have to be more... um. blanaced, but I still don’t think the ideas is a bad one!

P.S. I’m already planning on using allosaurus rider in a U/G control deck resembling owling mine. Pitches are fun!!!
Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 12:42 pm
Joined: Posts: Location:
allosaurus rider? never heard from a card like this. I also haven’t seen any entry on gatherer.

Thank you for your comment!

PS: I’ve sent the shocklands as we said. When they arrive, I suggest you get my part underway. Wink

Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 3:09 pm
Joined: 14 Aug 2005 Posts: 806 Location: Maryland
look on the partial spoiler at mtgsalvation.com to get a glance at allosaurus rider (I may have spelled it wrong). It’s the first green card listed, or was a little while back, the one with double green pitch- you may discard two green cards from your hand instead of paying the mana cost.
Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2006 5:35 pm
Joined: 16 Jun 2006 Posts: 124 Location: Houston, TX
Fun looking cards! I think there needs to be a clause to prevent them from being reanimated, Tooth and Nailed, or Doppelganged. Serra Avatar meets Phage the Untouchable, basically. Might be worded "When you play ~ from your hand, put an avatar counter on it. If at any time ~ has no avatar counters on it, sacrifice it". The idea of tribal pitching (as opposed to color pitching) means that these wouldn’t necessarily have to be 3-pitch, toned down a bit 2-pitch is no problem.

Let me look at where each stands in certain respects:
Avatar of Angels:
Best of the lot if used first-turn. It can go head-to-head with any of the others in combat, the black is useless against this (unless you’re hurting for life), (the blue one can counter it, but we’re talking if they’ve both hit the board) and if an opponent has no avatars, they’re dead on turn 4. Coming-into-play ability isn’t necessary, but flavorful. It’s very difficult to pitch for, though, since the lowest CC creature type-angel is 3, which doesn’t lend itself to a deck with a nice mana curve. Monowhite can hold its own, though, so this could find widespread use in white weenie.

Avatar of Wizards:
Alone, it’s the least useful on turn 1. Alone, it’ll swing for 3 damage and untap, but unless you have a Mox or Lotus, the countering ability won’t get going until turn 2. After turn 1, though, it has the best ability. This is very easy to pitch for, as Wizards are plentiful with enough abilities (and some vanilla for filler) to make a wizards tribe deck around, so this could work. Blue’s card draw also helps get more wizards in hand, or this to play. Monoblue hasn’t seen much play lately, but it definitely would be viable enough to build around this guy.

Avatar of Death:
Turn 1, without extra mana, it can swing for 7 or force an avatar controller to pay 5 life. Its ’destroy’ ability doesn’t work on any of the other avatars. The protection ability is way off-color Confused . It’s almost as hard as the white Avatar to pitch for, as although assassins are cheaper and in more colors than Angels, an assassin deck is the most limited as far as utility goes. Monoblack, however, is tried and true, and this is the easiest to hard-cast in environments with Dark Ritual (best opening hand: swamp, 2x ritual, this).

Avatar of Life:
Turn 1, it can do one of two things: swing for 7 and regenerate if needed, or help bring out a 4cc card in your hand. All things considered, I think I’d choose swing for 7. This is why his tap ability doesn’t seem very useful when compared to the other avatars. I’d say some kind of saproling generator (Living Hive or Verdant Force-style) would help this card. This is by far the easiest to pitch for, as there are more elves than all the other types except wizard, and they have some seriously powerful tribal abilities if a game goes by without seeing this guy. The mana producing abilities of elves also cause hardcasting this guy amazingly easy. Monogreen is probably the most stable monocolor deck, all considered, from acceleration, lifegain, Naturalize abilities, and ease of artifact use (due to acceleration).

Avatar of Dragons:
Turn 1, swings for 8, the most, but is the most fragile to damage (suprising as it has the biggest toughness). Protection abilities are very scarce in red, and if any it’s usually White or Blue, or Red. Its tap ability is also weaker than the rest, as XX is expensive, and not the usual wide-sweeping damage red is all about. I’d rather see Pro:red replace the black, and have his tap ability be free and deal damage to all creatures and players equal to power or some such. It is also the hardest to pitch for; the cheapest dragons weigh in at 4cc! Red has recently gained lots of mana acceleration, so this is one of the easiest to hardcast, behind green and debatable with black (only with Rituals). Monored has its benefits, but has the least amount of utility.

If I had to choose a favorite I’d be torn between the White, the Blue, and the Green. Green is easiest to use all-around, White is second easiest and significantly more devastating, and Blue is best utility.

Thank you for this great post and idea! Could you concievably come up with a Goblin alternative to the Dragon? I’d like to see that Twisted Evil
Felipe Musco
Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2006 6:20 pm
Joined: 18 May 2006 Posts: 2434 Location: Florianópolis, SC, Brasil
Really nice analysis, Brian! Must have put a lot of effort into doing it, very nice indeed!
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Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2006 6:34 pm
Joined: 16 Jun 2006 Posts: 124 Location: Houston, TX
Thanks! ^-^
I’ve been doing Calculus homework all day and I just wanted distraction, so I got a little obsessed Razz
Check the rules thread- I posted some stuff there too Very Happy
P.S. You can now award gold pieces to "useful posts". Don’t know if mine counts, but I’ll keep that feature in mind Wink
Felipe Musco
Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2006 6:42 pm
Joined: 18 May 2006 Posts: 2434 Location: Florianópolis, SC, Brasil
Sure it does, actually, that post of yours was the first one I awarded gp to! Very Happy
I don't like YOU.
Memnarch Mastermind
Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2006 2:42 am
Joined: 24 Jan 2006 Posts: 49 Location: Bochum/Germany
Well, Brian, good analysis! I wanted to make a update on this, take a look at it now. I think they are now more balanced IMO.

The thing with the avatar of death is that it may be a useful alternative to a assassin deck, which is normally useless when your opponent has no creatures, but this way...

The green one was really out of line. You get a kind of black lotus, so you might bring in some big bombs as early as turn one.
I gave him the ability to pump him or another creature.

Nevertheless the Avatar of angels is really out of line, I’d see such a card worth at +20 $.

Thank you for your analysis.
Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 2:15 pm
Joined: 16 Jun 2006 Posts: 124 Location: Houston, TX
I like them better this way, but I’d still like to see what a Goblin Avatar would look like, that’d be easier to support than the Dragon one.
I still think the black one is way out of color, with the pro:all and 5/9. I’d say pro:all but black/artifact would be a little better, and 7/6 is a good black body, as they care more about offense than self preservation.
Although the toughness doesn’t matter much with Pro:all...

As for the value of the cards, I’d say they’d be near what the Elder Dragon Legends are, since they’re similar: Cards that are really good and really flavorful but must have a deck built around them. I think the older Elder Dragon Legends are going for about $20, and the new just plain "Dragon Legends" from Invasion are average $10 each, so yeah, $20 for the new avatars seems reasonable for these.
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