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Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 5:44 pm
Joined: 12 Jul 2005 Posts: 1202 Location: Austin, TX, USA
A keyboard shortcuts upgrade, titled "FliNOLINKght," is now available in the Forum Shop for 20 gold pieces.

This upgrade makes use of HTML accesskeys, which are compatible with the following systems and browsers:

Internet Explorer 4+ (Alt-[accesskey], Enter)
Mozilla/Firefox (Alt-[accesskey])
Netscape 6+ (Alt-[accesskey])
Opera 7+ (Shift-Esc-[accesskey])

Internet Explorer 5+ (Ctrl-[accesskey])
Netscape 6+ (Ctrl-[accesskey])
Note: some Macs may require Command-Ctrl-[accesskey] instead.

Here are the accesskeys currently available:

From anywhere:
H = Home (main forum index)

From the main indNOLINKex:
G = General forum index
L = Lord of the Rings TCG forum index
M = Magic: the Gathering forum index
N = Naruto CCG forum index
V = Vs. System forum index
1 = View posts since last visit
2 = View your posts
3 = View unanswered posts

From the General forum inNOLINKdex:
All home page access keys, plus...
A = Admin Announcements
C = Member’s Lounge (Chat)
F = Feedback Forum

From the forum indNOLINKex for any game:
All home page access keys, plus...
S = Strategy Article Contest
D = Deck Clinics
? = Riddle Game*
T = Trading Forum
C = Dream Cards
O = Open Discussion

From within a forum:
All above, plus...
P = Post

From within a topic:
Appropriate access key for the forum and forum indNOLINKex, plus...
> = Next Page*
< = Previous Page*
P = Post
R = Reply

*Note: The symbols ? > < are shown here for convenience, but these three access keys are actually set to / . ,. Users with a non-U.S. keyboard setup may wish to remember the second set of symbols instead.

An example:
Let’s say you’re using the Firefox browser and you want to make a new post in the Magic: The Gathering open discussion forum. With the "Flight" upgrade you can get there by typing Alt-M (Magic: The Gathering), Alt-O (Open Discussion), Alt-P (Post).

If you have questions or comments regarding this announcement, please post them to the Member’s Lounge.
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