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Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2006 12:18 pm
Joined: 25 May 2006 Posts: 409 Location: Minas Morgul
--- description ---
Between these tags, give a short description of your deck. Go a step beyond basic decktype info, and tell us what makes your design unique!
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Frodo And Ring
*The One Ring, Isildur’s Bane(1R1)
*Frodo, Old Bilbo’s Heir(1R289)

(1)The Prancing Pony(1U324)
(2)Trollshaw Forest(1U334)
(3)Council Courtyard(1C337)
(5)The Bridge of Khazad-dum(1C349)
(6)Valley of the Silverlode(2U120)
(7)Silverlode Banks(1U355)
(8)Pillars of the Kings(1U358)
(9)Slopes of Amon Hen(1U361)

Fellowship (35)
2x *Elrond, Herald To Gil-Galad(3R13)
1x Bounder(1C286)
1x *Aragorn, Heir To The White City(3R38)
1x *Arwen, Daughter of Elrond(1R30)
2x *Boromir, Defender Of Minas Tirith(3P122)
1x *Legolas, Greenleaf(1R50)
3x Gondor Bowmen(3R41)
3x No Stranger to the Shadows(1U108)
3x The Last Alliance of Elves and Men(1R49)
4x Double Shot(1R38)
2x Foul Creation(1U44)
1x *Aragorn’s Bow(1R90)
1x *Blade of Gondor(1R95)
1x *Bow of the Galadhrim(1R33)
1x *Gwemegil(1R47)
1x *Long-Knives Of Legolas(3R21)
1x *Ranger’s Sword(1U112)
2x *Sting(1R313)
2x Elven Bow(1C41)
2x Flaming Brand(2R32)

Shadow (35)
3x Saruman’s Ambition(1C133)
2x Abandoning Reason For Madness(3C49)
2x Saruman’s Power(1U136)
4x Savagery to Match Their Numbers(1R139)
1x *Lurtz, Servant of Isengard(1R127)
1x *Orthanc Berserker(3R66)
4x *Saruman, Keeper Of Isengard(3R68)
2x *Uruk Captain(2R46)
2x Uruk Guard(1R147)
2x Uruk Lieutenant(1R148)
3x Uruk Rager(1C150)
3x Uruk Ravager(3U75)
3x Uruk Scout(2C47)
3x Uruk Slayer(1U153)

Basic strategy for freeps is keep the twilight low while piling up on the archery and keeping it under 5 companions so that you don’t get hit by the nasty 5 companion cards. Uruks is quite simple just beat the crap out of the other peoples and make them fierce and all kinds of cool stuff.

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Felipe Musco
Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2006 12:47 pm
Joined: 18 May 2006 Posts: 2434 Location: Florianópolis, SC, Brasil
My tips:
Drop Foul Creation, not that needed, and add in another copy of Aragorn’s Bow (you WILL need one of these) and Gondor Bowmen. You can also drop Legolas’ both weapons, minions won’t survive until the skirmish phase, and if they DO, just wipe them out with Aragorn. Also, drop one Sting (Bounder will take care of keeping Frodo alive) and Gwemegil, and make Aragorn become Aragorn, King in Exile, so you can use The Splendor of Their Banners with Arwen. Drop one copy of Last Alliance (playing one on Aragorn will be enough for most of what slips through your arrows) and add in The Saga of Elendil and The Tale of Gil-Galad. For the other gap, add in Armor, so if things get ugly, Aragorn can survive tougher minions. You can even consider adding in some more cards, so you can keep Aragorn, Heir to the White City, adding in some Might of Numenor, and consider adding 2 copies of Bill the Pony. I also think one Bounder is nice, but I think you could use 2 Stings, add in O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!, Mithril-Coat (utility beast for anti-overwhelming!) and use Frodo, Reluctant Adventurer, to choke even more! Some conditions discarding in the form of either Athelas or Secret Sentinels (Athelas might be better, fullfilling the role of Might of Numenor, if need be).
On the shadow site, 3 Sarumans are more than enough (although I used 2, with Evil Afoot it’s all you’ll need). Add in another Saruman’s Ambition, drop Saruman’s Power and add in Worry. Drop Lurtz (costs too much) and add in another copy of the Berserker. Use 3 Uruk Lieutenant and 4 Troop of Uruk-Hai, dropping Uruk Guard and Uruk Rager, make you minions more about quality than quantity! Drop one Ravager (for 3 Sarumans, 2 are more than enough) all Scouts and Slayers, and add in 2 copies of Can You Protect Me From Yourself (everyone packs Aragorn in Fellowship Block. If not, you can always discard it) and 2 copies of Beyond the Height of Men, so armors and Gimli’s Helm won’t be a problem. If you still wan’t to add in some cards to both sides, I recomend 2 Evil Afoot, and 2-3 Tower of Orthanc, so twilight piles up once Frodo’s "Worried". Lurtz’s Battle Cry one Saruman’s Ambition is out is a MUST, at least 3 of those. They won’t even know what hit’em.
Hope any of my tips are good...
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