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Posted: Sat Sep 30, 2006 1:17 am
Joined: 30 Sep 2006 Posts: 1 Location: Moorpark
This deck has a pretty basic strategy. It uses cards such as Wall of Hope, sakura tribe elders as stalls in order to get out fatties like ageless entity + loxodon warhammer to get huge and Phantom Nishoba to start gaining some serious life. Pair this with Well of Knowledge and you can pretty much see where this is going. Sunbeam Spellbombs also help in the beginning if you are having trouble coming across mana or creatures. Well here’s the deck.

4x Ancient Den
4x Tree of Tales
5x Plains
10x forest
3x Brushland
1x Windswept Heath

4x Wall of Hope
3x Phantom Nishoba
2x Ageless Entity
4x Sakura, Tribe Elder

3x Word of Worship
1x Test of Endurance

2x Loxodon Warhammer
3x Well of Lost Dreams
4x Sunbeam Spellbomb
3x Isochron Scepter

2x Nourish
2x Eladamri’s Call
4x Naturalize

The deck does pretty good in this state, but I would like for it to be more efficient. It has a couple ways of winning, but certain decks are hell for it. Any suggestions as to how to make it run smoother. Also I don’t have a whole lot of ideas for sideboard. Any help is appreciated
Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2006 9:57 pm
Joined: 14 Aug 2005 Posts: 806 Location: Maryland
Worship, Serra Avatar For bigger things

Umezawa’s Jitte, Auriok Champion, Armadillo cloak, Chastise, Descendant of Kiyomaro, Exile, Faith’s Fetters, Genju of the Fields, Heroes Reunion, Life Burst, Loxodon Hierarch are all good smaller things, but I don’t really feel like finding more :p

4x Sakura-Tribe Elder
4x Auriok Champion
4x Descendant of Kiyomaro
4x Loxodon Hierarch
4x Soul Warden
4x Umezawa’s Jitte
3x Well of Lost Dreams
2x Test of Endurance
3x Loxodon Warhammer
4x Storm Herd

25 Land

The high land count is because you’ll need to hit your first 5-6 land drops and if 25/60 of your deck is land, that’s 5/12 so you should approximately snag five land in your first five turns.

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