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Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 3:45 pm
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so this deck is just a proto type and i havent used this deck very many times. so its not all that great. but any tips would be helpful.

starting fellowship
gimli son of gloin
frodo, RA (none of the frodos help so idk which to use)
with the one ring isildurs bane

freeps (41)
fror x2
farin x2

dwarven axe x4
hand axe x3
gimlis helm x1
book of mazurbal x2
dwarven bracers x3

greatest kingdom of my ppl x2
stairs of khazad dum x1
endurance of dwarves x3
til durin wakes again x1
great works begun there x2

axe strike x3
flurry of blows x4
here lies balin, son of fundin x2
nobody tosses a dwarf x4

shadow (41)
band of the eye x2
orc inquisitor x4
tower lieutenant x2
orc warrior x4
morgul skulker x2
ulaire nertea x2
ulaire enquea x2
ulaire cantea x1
morgul hunter x1

desperate defense of the ring x3
his cruelty and malice x2
tower of barad dur x4
the irresistible shadow x2
thin and stretched x2

desperate measures x2
get off the road x2
hand of sauron x2
enduring evil x2

adventure deck
east road (not sure what else to use)
midgewater moors
council courtyard
eregion hills
bridge of khazad dum
valley of the silverlode
anduin wilderland
anduin banks
summit of ammon hen

bid low, you want to go second and use your site 2 and 4. for the shadow side, just add burdens and make them discard cards from hand and draw deck as much as you can. if your minions make it to the skirmish phase, use enduring evil to add a couple of burdens via desperate defense of the ring and thin and stretched.

on the freeps, try and win those skirmishes and use nobody tosses a dwarf to make them discard even more. greatest kingdom of my people helps if they are playing orcs, and also makes gloin stronger. hopefully you can get great works begun there early and reuse 2 nobody tosses a dwarf when you play fror and farin. its also there to make gloin stronger as well.

thats pretty much it. let me know if i should change anything
Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 4:32 pm
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maybe cut some cards like a minion or 2 from the shadow and here lies balin and one of your condition. otherwise look purty good
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