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Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 8:53 pm
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This is a deck I recently put together for my weekly casual game. It revolves around getting an Ancient Ruins, Mindslaver, and enough mana (12) to pop it each turn and top-deck it with the ruins. That’s a hard lock, and he’s decked!

2x Mindslaver
4x Metalworker
4x Voltaic Key
2x Chromatic Star
3x Lightning Greaves
2x Mana Vault
1x Darksteel Colossus
1x Memory Jar

1x Demonic Tutor

4x Sylvan Scrying

1x Braingeyser
4x Tinker
3x Thirst For Knowledge
4x Thoughtcast

4x Shrapnel Blast

2x Ancient Ruins
2x Tolarian Academy
4x Seat of the Synod
4x Great Furnace
4x Tree of Tales
4x Glimmervoid


4x Rack and Ruin
4x Pyroclasm
4x Lightning Bolt
3x Counterspell

This deck may look a little haphazard, but it goes off pretty regular. The basic strategy is to drop a metalworker turn 2-3, tap it for mucho mana, and either use that mana to play a big Braingeyser, a couple Thoughtcast, etc. Basically, you’re just digging for the main combo pieces. Tinker out a Mindslaver once your Ruins hit the table -- you’ll have the mana to blow it by turn 4-5. Can’t seem to get a Ruins? Tinker out the Colossus and swing for 11 at a time and finish him off with Shrapnel Blast! If you’re up against Affinity or a similar deck, throw in the Rack and Ruins. Against elves? Definitely sub in the Pyroclasms and Bolts. Need to protect your Slaver versus countermagic? Throw in the counterspells. You’ll have the blue mana, don’t worry. If you have any suggestions/ comments/ criticism just throw it down. I can take it!

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