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Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 3:22 am
Joined: 15 Feb 2006 Posts: 26 Location: Denmark
--- description ---
This deck is designed specifically to fight against the dragon Onyxia. The deck has played in a single Onyxia event and won (together with the rest of the party) but it has also played versus her on several other occasions. It must be pointed out that a deck like this is nothing without its party. When some of you try the Onyxia raid experience for the first time you will realize that this applies to all decks teched against Onyxia. They cannot engage in PvP.
--- end description ---

I will get to it right away. Here is my Main Tank Warrax deck:

4x Heroic Strike
4x Burn away
4x Shield bash
4x Mocking blow
3x Defensive Stance
3x Demoralizing shout
3x Thorn in the Side
4x Parvink
2x Tristan Rapidstrike
4x Annihilator’
4x Draconian Deflector
3x Lionheart Helm
1x Herod’s Shoulder
1x Skullflame Shield
1x Flame Wrath
2x Deathdealer Breastplate
4x Sunken Treasure
3x Big Game Hunter
3x Zapped Giants
2x Dragonkin Menace
1x Blueleaf Tubers

When engaging Onyxia this deck has one single goal. To mitigate as much damage as possible thereby preventing other players from getting killed. The concept of this deck is based around a simple analysis of the threats found in the Onyxia Raid deck. In order to defeat the dragon all of the following objectives much be accomplished by you and your party:
1. Dealing with her On-going abilities
2. Preventing/Directing Onyxia’s attacks
3. Control her whelps
4. DPS (Damage per second)
5. Healing
6. Countering her mass removal abilities

This is what the Onyxia deck is all about. First off Burn Away is here to destroy an ability that has already hit the table. This is key if you don’t want to fight a dragon able to deal 20-25 damage just by attacking (this has happened to my party before and it is not a pretty sight).

The main function of this deck is to gather as much aggro as possible (Directing the attacks of Onyxia against yourself). Mocking Blow and Thorn in the Side make sure that it will happen. The problem with getting pounded on by Onyxia is that she usually deals hefty amounts of damage. To counter this damage mitigation is including in the form of Draconian Deflector, Defensive Stance (these two cards also provide your hero with the keyword protector enabling him to block Onyxia), Lionheart Helm and Deathdealer breastplate.

The next problem is how to get rid of all the nasty whelps Onyxia spawns. Demoralizing shout renders them useless, but this is only a temporary solution because the whelps are not destroyed. To destroy them Flame Wrath and Skullflame Shield are present. However whelp control is best left to the mage that has the ultimate ability in the form of Frost Nova.

The real game winner in this deck is Shield Bash. Four of these together with a mage packing four counterspells is key against Onyxia. Abilities like Wrath of Onyxia, Tooth and Claw, Burninate and other very important abilities can be countered before the effect takes place.

Parvink and Tristan Rapidstrike are just generally usefull. Parvink for card drawing and Tristand Rapidstrike for surprise protecting. The reason why I do not play more allies is that they are not worth their cost against Onyxia. Her ways of eliminating them are just too many.

Last but not least this deck has to deal some damage if you do not want to see Onyxia hitting 20 resources in stage 3. Annihilator combined with Heroic strike and Deathdealer Breastplate is damage that cannot be prevented. This is crucial because Onyxia is able to prevent loads of damage.

The quests support the equipment and ability them and Blueleaf Tubers is there to ensure that the deck does not run out of cards.

There you have it. A top tuned raid deck. In my experience the best combination of heroes against Onyxia is a warrior, a priest, and a mage. If a fourth players is to be included it ought to be a rogue.
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Rohan Rises From the Dust
Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2007 10:58 am
Joined: 12 Jul 2005 Posts: 1202 Location: Austin, TX, USA
Thanks for the deck design!

I haven’t had a chance to play World of Warcraft TCG so far, but I’m definitely looking forward to it, and especially to this "raid" concept as it combines my two favorite types of games (RPGs and TCGs).

I’ve finally finished setting up the WoW TCG card text database, so those who don’t know all the cards should be able to follow along much better now. Mr. Green (Still no images, but hopefully soon.)
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