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Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2005 10:04 pm
Joined: 20 Jul 2005 Posts: 1 Location:
This was a deck I thought about for quite a while before I created it, and it turned out way better than I ever thought it would.

4 Hermetic Study
4 Psionic Gift
2 Somnophore
4 Puppeteer
4 Propaganda
2 Aura Graft
1 Think Tank

4 Marsh Viper
2 Vitalize
2 Lowland Basilisk
4 Llanowar Elf
2 Sabertooth Cobra

2 Ensnaring Bridge
1 Chome Mox

4 City of Brass
9 Island
9 Forest

This deck is not all that fast, so you want to try to get your Hermetic Study’d Viper going as fast as possible. This deck isn’t known for domination, it’s known for going off all at once. With a Vitalize in hand, and a Puppeteer in play, you can pop off 10 counters in one turn easily. The Propaganda and Bridge are there to stave off creature builds, but direct damage will cause you trouble. Off course, as long as no Pyroclasm or Tranquility goes off, you’ll be okay. This is a gimmick deck, and there are many ’magic bullets’ that will take this thing to school, but it is still one of the coolest decks I’ve ever built. Plus, if you drop the Bridge, Moxes, and Cities, you can make this deck for about 5 bucks. That’s the version I usually play, anyway.

Please reply if you have any suggestions. I haven’t bought any Magic since Mirrodin, so there may be some recent cards that would fit in well with this deck.

Thanks for looking!

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