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Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 5:11 am
Joined: 17 Jan 2007 Posts: 6 Location: Littleton, Co
--- description ---
A Blue/Green deck with counterspell creatures, bouncing for saps, and more mana accel than should be is what makes this deck stand out from most other blue/green decks that i have had to face. this deck is so mean that my friends at school will NOT play me when i bring it.
--- end description ---

Mean Blue Green (60 cards)

10x Forest
8x Islands
2x Saprazzan Skerry

1x Rootwater Theif
1x Simic Sky Swallower
2x Coiling Oracle
2x sage Epityr
2x Glass Asp
2x Scalpelexis
4x Mystic Snake
4x Quirion Elves

1x Last Word
1x Bribery
1x War Tax
2x Power Sink
2x Exhaustion
2x Harrow
2x Counterspell
3x Hindering Touch
4x Fertile Ground
4x Æther Mutation

2x Surveilling Sprite
2x Looter il-kor
2x Mark of Eviction
2x Muddle the Mixture
2x Jungle Barrier
2x Brawn
2x Darksteel Colossus
1x Tinker

ok, this deck in my opinion is a little difficult to run. to break down this deck, we will start with the opening hand. blue mana in this deck is essential, so if you do not have blue mana in your hand when you start the game, discard your hand. i don’t care if you have 2 green mana and a fertile ground, discard your hand. the reason is this: all of the counterspells in the whole deck, EXCEPT for 5 of them require 2 blue mana to play. that blue mana will most of the time save your butt. green mana is great to since there are quirion elves in there. that brings me to the second topic. when naming the second color for quirion elves, don’t be a dumb455 and say pink or something as the color, always name the color as blue, not purple, blue. my third topic is in regards to sideboarding in colossus and tinker and keeping in the aether mutations. aether mutating your own colossus is really fun, especially sinc eyou get 11 1/1’s for 5 mana. this can really save your butt at times just to stall and wait out the time for your turn to replay colossus and do somethig fancy. also, ALWAYS KEEP A WARTAX IN THE DECK. i don’t know how to stress this enough. War Tax is one of the greatest enchantments that i have ever seen. its ability to pretty much stop an army in its tracks is so amazing, i am saddened that i don’t have more than one of them. and scalpelexis is only in the deck to be mean, there really is no point for the 1/5 flyer, i just wanted another addition to make the deck even meaner. never worry about mana in this deck. with the right combo, you could literally play a colossus with pure mana in 5 turns if you draw correctly. anyways, this is just a really fun deck to play, for you atleast.

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