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Posted: Fri Jan 26, 2007 8:05 pm
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This is an aggressive green deck that I have won a lot of casual games with. I have quite a few variations that I have tried out but this one I actually found I had written down. One thing this deck really tries to take advantage of, is Gaea’s Touch, which is an old card from way back that can accelerate your mana as well as give you a couple in sacrifice once its no longer needed. The real drive behind this deck is to get out an early big creature and then back it up with some dangerous equipment. With it’s abundance of mana ramping, use the predator flagships late game to give your baddies flying or off the opposing competition.


(21 Spells)
4 Loxodon Warhammer
4 Skyshroud Claim
4 Gaea’s Touch
4 Seedling Charm
2 Fireshrieker
1 Tower of Fortunes
2 Predator Flagship

(17 Creatures)
4 Plated Slagwurm
4 Force of Nature
4 Silverglade Elemental
3 Llanowar Elves
2 Vine Trellis

(22 Lands)
19 forest
3 Hickory woodlet

Sideboard (15 cards)
2 Avoid fate
1 Mind’s eye
4 City of solitude
4 Naturalize
2 Reclaim
2 Rancor

The whole strategy should be about getting out the big stuff fast. If you don’t get something big in the opening hand you may want to consider mulliganing but this doesn’t happen too often. A good turn sequence is:

Turn 1: land, elves
Turn 2: land, Gaea’s Touch, land
Turn 3: land, sac Gaea’s Touch, slagwurm or Force of Nature

In the case of the Force of nature, you may or may not want to pay the upkeep when it comes around since if you have a fireshrieker or warhammer you might be better off throwing the equipment on since the fireshrieker is 16 damage coming 4th turn and the warhammer is 11 as well as 11 extra life! The seedling charms are there to regenerate your big creatures when the going gets rough or give one trample for a turn if it doesn’t have it already.

Sideboard notes:

I don’t generally play in groups of people who use sideboards much so this one is just sort of thrown together off of what I think might come in handy versus other decks. The Mind’s eye is there because its very good in multiplayer games. Feel free to post comments and suggestions!

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