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Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2007 8:08 am
Joined: 29 Jan 2007 Posts: 8 Location: Greece, Athens
--- description ---
Well, I think you’ve heard a lot about the Norin The Wary – Pandemonium combo, although that’s a deck which is not based just on this, but and on a few other tricks which can make our game to a living inferno!
--- end description ---

Let’s see the decklist:

//MAIN DECK (60 cards)

// Lands
12 Mountain
8 Swamp
4 Blood Crypt

// Creatures
4 [SOK] Oni of Wild Places
2 [9E] Sengir Vampire
4 [TSP] Norin the Wary
4 [9E] Viashino Sandstalker

// Spells
3 [TSP] Phyrexian Totem
2 [DIS] Demonfire
2 [SOK] Rally the Horde
3 [9E] Jade Statue
4 [9E] Seething Song
4 [EX] Pandemonium
4 [ON] Death Match

// SIDEBOARD (15 cards)
2 [9E] Blaze
2 [DS] Shunt
3 [TSB] Void
4 [9E] Blood Moon
4 [PC] Fury Charm

It has an average casting cost of 3.58 with 4x Seething Song and 3x Phyrexian Totem for mana boost.

How it works (strategy):
Our strategy is one: as much damage as we can do to our opponent and any creature on the board that threaten us. The key is the two enchantments, Pandemonium and Death Match, but I’ve won a lot of games and without drawing any of these during the game. Norin and a lot of other bouncing creatures make the enchantments trigger and distribute points of damage and -/- to creatures effects wherever we want. Let’s the creatures of the deck:
Norin the Wary: Well.. it talks by itself. He comes and goes at every round and if Pandemonium is in play it distributes 2 points of damage at any direction we want. If Death Match is in play then any creature we want gets –3/-3 until end of turn. If both of them are in play then… well, that’s cool.
Viashino Sandstalker: perfect fit for the deck, no only a heavy power bouncer for Pandemonium (and Death Match) and a heavy attacker to our opponent. With Pandemonium in play and no blockers for him we have, 4 damage triggered by the enchantment to our opponent and another 4 from the attack, 8 damage in one round (maybe on round 5). That’s not bad.
Oni of Wild Places: A heavier Viashino, big threat and without the pandemonium in play. With it in presence it’s 12 damage wherever we want.
Sengir Vampire: Only two of them, a finisher with flying, with its ability working in case Pandemonium is play and it’s damages a creature which destroys. 4 toughness so that the –3/-3 effect of Death Match can’t kill him.

At the other spells we have 3 Phyrexian Totem, mana producer and we can make it a 5/5 trampler, attacking when our opponent has no blockers. Let’s hope that no one will play volcanic hammer on it while it is a creature. 2 Demonfire, so that we can burn our opponent in later game or creatures in early game when our combo isn’t working. I was in a dilemma if it was better to use 2 volcanic hammer in its place.
2 Rally The Horde, it has a risk because it kills our library but in pandemonium in play can win us the game easily. 3 Jade Statue, beacoming a creature whenever we want, triggering the known effects. A potential blocker in hard times. 4 Seething Song for mana boost which is necessary for our deck so that we can play early in game our key cards or some heavy creatures.

Our Sideboard:
I chose to place here some answers for our opponents artifacts. The Fury Charm is a card from the new set, and when we play it we have the choice to destroy target artifact or give +1/+1 to one of our creatures, saving it from death or making it deal biggest damage. Shunt can be very useful and Blood Moon against multicolored decks.

How much it costs:
It has some chase cards. But the dual lands aren’t necessary. Neither the demonfire, it can be replaced by the very cheaper Blaze, Incinerate, or a couple of Volcanic hammers. The Blood Moon, as a sideboard card, can be reconsidered. I can’t see any great choice if we want to add money to the deck, anyone who has something in mind let’s say so!

Although I play this deck with its current form for a couple of weeks and it’s going great, I think it can be better and better. Anyone who has suggestions/questions I’ll be happy to hear them!

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