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Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2007 11:18 pm
Joined: 11 Feb 2007 Posts: 579 Location:
4 Johnny, Combo Player
4 Cheatyface
4 Magical Hacker

4 Mox Lotus
4 Letter Bomb
4 Rod of Spanking
4 Giant Fan
2 Gleemax

4 Censorship
4 Loose Lips
4 Sorry

18 Islands

If at all possible, before playing this deck, write out the word "Sorry" and the sentence "Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry". (If you want to be really mean)

The main goal is to prevent get Mox Lotus and Gleemax out so you (basically) win the game by targeting things whereever you want (or making no one else play anything) and get Letter Bombs into each other person’s deck (remember, you shuffle).
While waiting, use Giant Fan and Magical Hacker to turn any counters in play into weakening counters. Sneak Cheatyface in whenever you’re able (if playing without sleeves, put him under another permanent when you play it, after the other players look at it, if needed.
Johnny will get you any card you need.
For added fun, play the four copies of Loose Lips on creatures you control, declaring "sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry" as the sentence (or, if you have sorry/censorship out, use the paper). Then get the 4 Censorships, declaring sorry (or using the paper for additional copies of it) as the censored word, and top it off with 4 copies of sorry.

Now, if played in the ideal order, whenever your opponent plays a spell, if its in anyone’s graveyard, can say sorry four times (for each sorry enchantment), and take 32 damage (2 per censorship, per word). If they don’t, another person may counter it by saying sorry once (taking 8 damage) to counter it.

This will also give you more cards, as whenever your creature with Loose Lips on it (assuming 1 per creature) is able to damage your opponent directly you get 2 cards (if you put all 4 on one creature, you get 8 ) - unless your opponent is willing to take 512 damage per Loose Lips (2 per censorship/sorry, per time they say sorry, which is 8 per Loose Lips on the creature)

If playing on a team deck, have your teammate play a lifegain deck to allow them to counter spells if anyone doesn’t say sorry 4 times for the sorrys.

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