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Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2007 8:13 pm
Joined: 21 Jan 2007 Posts: 123 Location: Hidden in FBI's basement
--- description ---
Have you ever doubted the powers of a Warlock, or mocked a Gnome? You shouldn’t have done that, Mate! Dizdemona is a good, but not so forgiving, Warlock. Unravel the powers within, with Dizdemonas leadership!
--- end description ---
The World of Warcraft has always been afflicted by Warlocks of some kind. They are either extremely evil or extremely good, but they are and always will be extreme! Dizdemona, the powerful Gnome Warlock is not an exception. She has extraordinary powers, that can be the depending factor on the results of the game.
In my opinion, Dizdemona has one of the best and most reasonable powers, if the look at the online game. Warlocks have always had powers that are self sacrificing in order to deal heavily damage.

In this deck, I will not rely on the self sacrificing abilities, but rather take advantage of the pets they have ability to control and their ability to draw cards. So, there are several combos to make this deck go around, but one combo suites the other.

Here’s the deck list:



Grimdron x3
Infernal x4
Sarmoth x4
Acolyte Demia x4
Adept Breton x2
Crazy Igvand x2
Freya Lightsworn x3
Lady Courtney Noel x2
Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker x1
Medoc Spiritwarden x3
Nightbloom x4
Parvink x4
Sentry Gwynn x3
Stylean Silversteel x2

Dark Pact x4
Corruption x4
Curse of Agony x2
Forbidden Knowledge x1
Life Tap x4
Rain of Fire x2
Spirit Healer x2

Lei of Lilies x2
Headmaster’s Charge x2

The Defias Brotherhood x4
The Missing Diplomat x4
Dragonkin Menace x4
Into the Maw of Madness x4

Total: 80


The pets, Grimdron, Infernal and Sarmoth are the best pets to use in this kind of deck. If I wanted to play a more controlled version, I’d add Helwen, because she is the master of control. Anyway..

Grimdron is an irritating creature. That’s mostly what he does in this deck. Since he only costs 1, its nice to have him on a starting hand. His ability can do damage, even though its only 1, because at the start of the turn, nobody got great allies, so they are easy to kill.

Now that you’ve gotten rid of all the low allies, it’s time to upgrade you pet. Summon the Sarmoth! This is a suicider of first class, and the lore text is just to die for. This pet keeps all the eyes on him for at least one round, maybe two. That means your hero can roam freely behind this wall, its also a break for all you allies and give you a chance to play your next pet, the Infernal.

Infernal is the pet you want to keep as long as you can. He at least limits the game to 30 rounds Razz You should keep an Infernal, until you get a Dark Pact on you hand. First attack with him, so sacrifice him to draw !6! cards, and play another pet.

It might seem like a big deck with 80 cards, but if you look at the amount of cards this deck can draw, it wont be so big anymore. As you see, you can draw 6 cards with each Dark pact, and you multiply it with 4. So you see with only that card you can draw 24 cards. Thats amazing, but you dont only have to use it on Infernal. You can also use this combo on a Sarmoth, when you’re going to upgrade to an Infernal. You will still draw 3 cards, which is good enough.

How am I really going to afford playing all these cards and using their abilities when they cost so much. I must be dead before I even can play a Sarmoth! Well, thats really the reason why I picked the Alliance Warlock, to get the incredible Nightbloom. In regular decks with not so much drawing, Nightbloom might ruin hands, because you use too many cards. But in this deck, I draw cards like mad, and I need more resources, so its a great combo. Though its seems easy to just kill off Nightbloom, it aint. I’ve bought protection! Parvink is a good option for a protector in this deck, because she allows you to draw more cards. A bad thing is that she only lasts one attack, then she’s dead. Thats why I hired Crazy Igvand to do the rest. A high vitality protector that can be healed after any attack, by cards like Lady Courtney Noel, Freya Lightsworn, Stylean Silversteel and so to be resurected to my hand with Medoc Spiritwarden. So I think my Nightblooms will be safe.

Then how exactly do I make the finishing touch by winning? Thats up to the curses! The Curse of Agony is the card that will do the most pain. With playing Nightbloom out on the second round, you can play this on round 4 (only one round before, but still that does more damage). Then on round 5 you can play another to double the damage. The Hero wont know what cursed him! Corruption is another curse that inflicts 1 damage per turn. This adds more damage to the Agony factor. Haha. Its more amusing to see exactly when your opponent is going to lose the game.

You need to remember that Quest are valuable cards! The Defias Brotherhood can make you draw up till 8 cards for 4 resources! And dont forget that The Missing Diplomat can find any ally you want from your deck! Life Saver! I also used Dragonkin Menace to ready your protectors when you’ve already used them before. Handy card.

Spirit healer is a good card for this deck, because you can get it out so fast. If you play a Nightbloom in round two, and use the ability each turn + playing a regular resource, you can get it out on round 6. Then you can keep bringing your protectors, pets and healers into play again.

This deck is almost like an auto-win.


(Since im not so familiar with this game yet, I dont know of so many decks)
Elendrils Direct shot decks:
You would guarantee that they would shot down your Nightblooms, but that would only delay their doom. They usually dont have any other great cards like Rapid Fire, Multi-Shot and Aimed Shot, which kills my allies that only will be resurrected anyway.

Pure beat-down warrior:
In this deck, you would see the big unique guys, usually leaded by a heavily suited and armed Gorebelly. The deck can be hard to beat, if we dont play right. Those big warrior dudes can do some damage. But its nothing your protectors cant handle. Be sure to think about which of the big ones to knock out if you have to, but be quick to get the curses going. Remember, you almost have a free space to play at the beginning, since they play mostly expensive cards. Use it wisely.

Ability shattering:

This could be a hard match-up, since you do most damage with abilities. But you dont exactly have weak allies either. Keep your Infernal close.

The deck have to run out of abilities sooner or later, your deck wont. You win.

If you want to have even some more fun, add Forbidden Knowledge! This car is totally awesome, but only if you play with a deck that dont have ability removal. (Or if you play several, with the knowledge that you can play it without any problems. You could also have 2 in play, reducing the chance of destroying your fishing.) This is because, when you play this card, you need to remove your deck from play. If your opponent then destroys Forbidden Knowledge, you cant draw any cards anymore, and you will lose the game. Risky, but fun card.

Thank you for the time! Ill enjoy every comment I get, good or bad!
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Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 8:05 am
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Shocked Three Articles?!?!?!? You know that you can only win with one of them, right?
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Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 5:16 pm
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Yupp.. Its only for my own training, and to get some articles on here.. Atleast I’ll win something Smile Would be good to actually get some comments on the articles though..
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Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2007 4:56 pm
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I would recommend making your match up section a bit longer, maybe research the different decktypes a bit more..good job though
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Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 10:18 am
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Well, accually this is the first article that I posted match-ups on.. This should rate higher than the other ones, really..
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