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Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2005 4:52 pm
Joined: 29 Jul 2005 Posts: 27 Location: sc

trollshaw forest
wold battlefield
northern pellenor
heights of isengard
rohan uplands
flats of rohan

fellowsihp (36)

frodo pbm
one ring ror

companions (9)

eowyn rw
merry st
eomer htm
theoden tr
riders of the mark


riddermark javelin 2
firefoot motm
herigrum som
coif 2
eomer’s spear
riders spear 2
snowmane nm
rohirrim helm
rohirrim mount
merrys sword


windswept homestead 2
we left none alive 2
kings board 2
fortress never fallen
sword rack 2


an honorable charge (works on merry too) 2
symbelmyne 4

stratagy: if you go first, play tsf so you can (hopefully) draw some more cards. if you dont get 2-3 possesions on your first draw (or a symbelmyne) do a mulligan. try and get merrys sword and sword rack out asap so you can make the best use of it. once you get theoden and eomer out, you can start rocking. between eowyn and windswept homestead, you should have more than enough tokens to use snowmane and firefoot whenever you need. fnf also is real easy to get tons of tokens on. w/ theoden out, you can tripleing should be a snap. merry can exaust minions like enqua and desert lord before they can do you damage. eomer decked out, can easily reach strenghs of 20+. and theoden can take heavy hits and still keep going w/ coif and herigrum. fnf provides ample condition removel too.


swarming uruk 3
vigiliant uruk 3
uruk regular 4
watchman uruk 4
lurtz motww 2
saruman aodl 2
cavern denizen 3
uruk captain 2
invincible uruk 4


suffered much loss 3
strange device 3
savagry to match their numbers
greed 2
"I will carry a cross and song where i don't belong"

"Words that You didn't say were haunting these pages
Faces You didn't make were all I was seeing
The way that they painted You wasn't a picture
of one in control - and I don't think they know who you are"

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