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Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2007 1:54 pm
Joined: 07 May 2007 Posts: 389 Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
For a list of my mint cards (including foils), wants and references, please click HERE.

This is a list of my non-mint cards that I have for trade. I’m very picky about the state of my cards, and even the slightest scuff puts me off. Therefore, I do not put these cards on my regular tradelist.

However, I realise that there are people out there who are looking for cards to play with and would not mind some scuffs or a little bit of wear. That’s what this list is for. The very worst you’ll find here is very good condition (only about 4 of these cards would be classed as that), and most of these cards are in near mint condition (some people even say that they are mint).

If you want to know the condition of any particular card(s), feel free to ask!


4R19 Hides
4R20 Hill Chief
4R22 Hillman Horde
4R23 Hillman Mob x2
4R29 No Refuge
4R32 Ravage The Defeated x3
4R33 Saruman, Rabble-Rouser x2
4R35 Wake Of Destruction
4R29 Wild Man Raid
4R40 Wulf, Dunlending Chieftain
5R3 Leaping Blaze
5R4 Wild Men Of The Hills
6R6 Hill Clan
6R7 Ready To Fall
9R+2 Freca, Hungry Savage x2


0P34 Gimli’s Helm
0P40 Axe Of Erebor
0P46 Gimli, Skilled Defender
1R13 Gimli, Son Of Gloin
1R14 Gimli’s Battle Axe
1R16 Greatest Kingdom Of My People
1R22 Mithril Shaft x3
1R23 Nobody Tosses A Dwarf
1R28 Wealth Of Moria
2R1 Beneath The Mountains x2
2R11 Make Light Of Burdens
2R12 Realm Of Dwarrowdelf x2
2R15 What Are We Waiting For?
2P121 Gimli, Dwarf Of The Mountain Race x5
4R45 Dwarven Foresight
4R48 Gimli, Lockbearer x2
4R54 Rest By Blind Night x2
5R123 Baruk Khazad
7R5 Dark Ways
7R10 Loyalty Unshaken
7R12 Preparations
9R+3 Durin III, Dwarven Lord
9R+4 Gimli, Bearer Of Grudges
10R1 Great Day, Great Hour
11R9 Gimli’s Battle Axe, Vicious Weapon
11R10 Grimir, Dwarven Emissary x2
11R11 Hall Of Our Fathers
11R14 Well-Equipped x5
13R5 Gimli, Lord Of The Glittering Caves


1R30 Arwen, Daughter Of Elrond x2
1R33 Bow Of The Galadhrim
1R34 Celeborn, Lord Of Lorien
1R35 The Council Of Elrond
1R36 Curse Their Foul Feet! x2
1R40 Elrond, Lord Of Rivendell
1R45 Galadriel, Lady Of Light x2
1R47 Gwemegil x2
1R49 The Last Alliance Of Elves And Men x2
1R50 Legolas, Greenleaf
1R55 The Mirror Of Galadriel x3
1R62 The Splendor Of Their Banners x2
1R66 The Tale Of Gil-Galad x3
2R19 Release The Angry Flood x2
2R20 Secret Sentinels
3R15 Forest Of Lothlorien
3R17 Galadriel, Lady Of The Golden Wood
3R21 Long-Knives Of Legolas x2
3P121 Legolas, Son Of Thranduil
4R61 Company Of Archers
4R65 Erethon, Naith Lieutenant
4R69 Final Count x2
4R72 Killing Field x2
5R75 Lembas
5P121 Legolas, Archer Of Mirkwood x3
5R124 Break The Charge
6R18 Galadriel, Keeper Of Nenya
6R23 Naith Warband x2
7R16 Arwen, Fair Elf Maiden
7R17 Asfaloth, Elven Steed
7R22 Hope Comes x2
7R25 Legolas, Feared Marksman
7R27 Mirkwood Bowman
8R12 Reckless We Rode
9R+12 Aiglos
9R+15 Gil-Galad, Elven High King
9R+16 Glorfindel, Revealed In Wrath
11R17 Elven Marksmanship x2
11R22 Legolas, Woodland Emissary
13R26 Take Up The Bow


0P57 Radagast’s Staff x2
1R69 Albert Dreary, Entertainer From Bree x2
1R71 Durin’s Secret x4
1R75 Glamdring
1R80 Ottar, Man Of Laketown x3
1R81 Questions That Need Answering x2
1R83 Servant Of The Secret Fire
1R87 A Wizard Is Never Late x3
1P364 Gandalf, The Grey Wizard x5
2R22 Gandalf’s Staff x2
2R25 Jarnsmid, Merchant From Dale x2
2P122 Gandalf, The Grey Pilgrim
3R29 Betrayal Of Isengard
4R89 Gandalf, Greyhame
4R91 Gandalf’s Staff, Walking Stick
4R92 Grown Suddenly Tall x2
4R103 Treebeard, Earthborn
4R106 Well Met Indeed
4R107 Windows In A Stone Wall
6R26 Enraged
6R28 Ent Horde x2
6R30 Gandalf, Mithrandir
6R31 Glamdring, Lightning Brand
6R35 Skinbark, Fladrif
6R123 Enraged x2
6R124 Skinbark, Fladrif
7R32 The Board Is Set
7R33 Citadel To Gate
7R38 Gandalf’s Staff, Focus Of Power
7R43 Light The Beacons
7R48 Stay This Madness
7R50 Terrible And Evil
8R15 Gandalf, Leader Of Men
10R14 Borne Far Away
10R17 Out Of High Airs x3
10R18 Treebeard, Keeper Of The Watchwood x2
11R30 Erland, Dale Counselor x2
11R34 Gandalf’s Staff, Ash Staff
11R35 Glamdring, Foe-Hammer
12R30 Jarnsmid, Barding Emissary


5R25 Gollum, Stinker
6R46 They Stole It
6R125 Don’t Look At Them
7R61 Hobbitses Are Dead
7R73 Sneaking!
8R27 Smeagol, Slippery Sneak
9R+30 Smeagol, Bearer Of Great Secrets
10R23 Shelob, Her Ladyship
11R42 Gollum, Skulker x3
11R43 Horribly Strong
11R44 Incited x2
11R48 Not Yet Vanquished x2
11R51 Smeagol, Scout And Guide
15R40 Connected By Fate
15R42 Desperate Move


0P16 Faramir, Son Of Denethor x4
0P25 Denethor, Wizened Steward x2
0P41 Aragorn’s Bow x2
0P47 Aragorn, Defender Of Free Peoples
0P58 Anarion, Lord Of Anorien x2
1R88 An Able Guide x2
1R89 Aragorn, Ranger Of The North
1R93 Arwen’s Fate x3
1R95 Blade Of Gondor
1R96 Boromir, Lord Of Gondor
1R99 Change Of Plans x3
1R100 The Choice Of Luthien x3
1R114 The Saga Of Elendil x2
1R115 Strength Of Kings
1R118 Valiant Man Of The West x2
1P365 Aragorn, King In Exile x3
2R32 Flaming Brand x3
2R38 Shield Of Boromir x2
2R118 Valiant Man Of The West
3R44 The Shards Of Narsil x2
3P122 Boromir, Defender Of Minas Tirith x2
4R111 Boromir, My Brother x2
4R116 Faramir, Captain Of Gondor x2
4R119 Faramir’s Cloak x2
4R120 Forbidden Pool x2
4R125 Henneth Annun
4P364 Aragorn, Wingfoot x3
5R39 Stone Tower
6R49 Ancient Roads x3
6R50 Aragorn, Defender Of Free Peoples
6R121 Faramir, Ithilien Ranger
6R126 Ancient Roads
7R80 Anduril, King’s Blade
7R87 Derufin
7R91 Faramir, Wizard’s Pupil
7R97 Gondorian Merchant
7R100 Greatest Stronghold
7R101 Guarded
7R127 Vorondil x2
8R32 Catapult
8R36 Garrison Of Gondor
8R37 Imrahil, Prince Of Dol Amroth
8R38 King Of The Dead, Oathbreaker
8R43 Shadow Host
11R54 Aragorn, Strider x2
11R57 Boromir, Hero Of Osgiliath x2
11R60 The Highest Quality x4


1R120 Alive And Unspoiled x2
1R123 Caradhras Has Not Forgiven Us x3
1R124 Cruel Caradhras x3
1R125 Greed x2
1R128 Lurtz’s Battle Cry x2
1R129 The Misadventure Of Mr Underhill x2
1R131 Orthanc Assassin x3
1R132 Parry
1R137 Saruman’s Reach x3
1R139 Savagery To Match Their Numbers x3
1R140 Spies Of Saruman x4
1R143 Troop Of Uruk-Hai x3
1R147 Uruk Guard x2
1R148 Uruk Lieutenant x4
1R155 Uruk Spy x2
2R43 Lurtz’s Sword
2R46 Uruk Captain
3R64 Orc Commander
3R66 Orthanc Berserker
3R68 Saruman, Keeper Of Isengard
4R139 Banished
4R150 Elite Crossbowmen x2
4R154 Grima, Wormtongue
4R160 Mauhur, Patrol Leader
4R163 No Dawn For Men
4R164 Orthanc Champion
4R166 The Palantir Of Orthanc, Seventh Seeing-Stone
4R168 Race Across The Mark
4R169 Ranged Commander x2
4R171 Rest While You Can x2
4R172 Rohan Is Mine x2
4R177 Ugluk’s Sword
4R179 Uruk Assault Band
4R186 Uruk Follower
4R203 Uruk-Hai Horde x2
4R209 Volley Fire
6R57 Agents Of Orthanc x2
6R60 Berserk Butcher x2
13R78 Alatar Deceived


11R68 Armored Easterling x3
11R70 Bloodthirsty x3
11R75 Easterling Host x2
11R81 Fletcher Of Harad x3
11R91 Oath Sworn x2
11R100 Strange-Looking Men x4
12R72 Messenger’s Mount
15R76 Destroyed Homestead


1R163 Ancient Chieftain x2
1R165 Cave Troll Of Moria, Scourge Of The Black Pit
1R166 Cave Troll’s Hammer x2
1R167 Denizens Enraged x2
1R169 The End Comes x2
1R170 Fool Of A Took x3
1R171 Frenzy
1R172 Goblin Archer x3
1R175 Goblin Domain x2
1R183 Goblin Swarms
1R186 Guard Commander
1R189 Lost To The Goblins
1R190 Moria Axe
1R195 Relics Of Moria
1R199 Troll’s Keyward x3
1R200 The Underdeeps Of Moria
2R49 Archer Commander
2R50 The Balrog’s Sword
2R53 Cave Troll’s Chain
2R76 The Balrog, Terror Of Flame And Shadow x2
2R50 The Balrog’s Sword
2R51 Cave Troll’s Chain
2R74 Whip Of Many Thongs
3R77 Depths Of Moria


11R108 Beastly Olog-Hai
11R119 Emboldened Orc x2
11R133 Orkish Worker x2
11R134 Persistent Orc x2
11R141 Undisciplined
11R143 Watchful Orc
12R101 Retribution


4R219 Desert Lord x2
4R238 Men Of Harad
4R240 New Fear x2
4R243 Rapid Fire x3
4R244 Regiment Of Haradrim
4R256 Southron Troop
4R257 Southron Veterans x2
5R126 Army Of Haradrim
6R78 Easterling Army
7R129 Bold Men And Grim
7R152 Mumak Commander x2
8R49 Black Numenorean
8R62 Heavy Axeman x2
10R46 Quelled


0P29 Eowyn, Dernhelm
0P33 Firefoot
0P39 Eowyn, Sister-Daughter Of Theoden
0P45 Eomer, Third Marshal Of Riddermark
0P59 Erkenbrand, Master Of Westfold x2
4R267 Eomer, Third Marshal Of Riddermark x2
4R272 Eowyn’s Sword
4R284 King’s Mail
4R294 Weapon Store
4P365 Theoden, Lord Of The Mark x4
5R127 Rohirrim Helm
7R228 Eowyn, Dernhelm
7R232 Firefoot, Eomer’s Steed x3
7R233 Grimbold, Marshal Of Rohan
7R239 Leowyn
7R250 Snowmane
7R251 Stern People
7R255 Theoden, Rekindled King
7R260 Windfola x2
7R261 With Strength To Fight
7P365 Eomer, Valiant Warchief x2
8R88 Eowyn’s Shield x2
8R91 Rohirrim Army x2
11R147 Gamling, Defender Of The Hornburg x3
11R154 Riders Of The Mark
11R158 Sword Rack x4
13R139 Wind-Swept Homestead
15R122 Burial Mounds

0P55 Gorgoroth Swarm x2
1R240 Band Of The Eye
1R243 Despair x2
1R244 Desperate Defense Of The Ring
1R246 Enduring Evil
1R247 Enheartened Foe
1R250 Hate x3
1R252 The Irresistable Shadow
1R253 Journey Into Danger x2
1R254 Mordor Enraged x2
1R256 Morgul Hunter x3
1R259 Morgul Warden x2
1R264 Orc Bowmen
1R265 Orc Butchery
1R272 Orc War Band
1R276 Seeking Its Master
1R279 Thin And Stretched x3
1R282 The Weight Of A Legacy x2
2R93 Tower Assassin
3R91 His Cruelty And Malice
3R93 Morgul Slayer
3R102 Our List Of Allies Grows Thin
3R104 Tower Of Barad-dur
3R105 Why Shouldn’t I Keep It?
3P122 Boromir, Defender Of Minas Tirith x3
5R100 Grishnakh, Orc Captain x3
7R267 Din Of Arms
7R274 Gorgoroth Officer x2
7R284 Mordor Assassin
7R286 Mordor Fighter x3
7R306 Orc Seeker
8R93 Called Away
8R96 Gorgoroth Berserker
8R103 Grond, Hammer Of The Underworld
10R75 Advance Captain
10R89 Gothmog’s Warg
10R99 Shagrat, Captain Of Cirith Ungol


0P27 Frodo, Resolute Hobbit
0P60 Tom Bombadil’s Hat
1R284 Bilbo Baggins, Retired Adventurer
1R288 Farmer Maggot, Chaser Of Rascals
1R289 Frodo, Old Bilbo’s Heir x4
1R291 The Gaffer, Sam’s Father x3
1R302 Merry, Friend To Sam x2
1R307 Pippin, Hobbit Of Some Intelligence x4
1R308 Power According To His Stature x2
1R310 Sam, Faithful Companion x3
1R313 Sting
1R314 Stone Trolls
1R318 Thror’s Map x3
2R97 Consorting With Wizards x2
2R100 Fearing The Worst x2
2R105 Mithril-Coat
2R108 O Elbereth! Gilthoniel! x3
2R112 A Promise x5
2R113 Red Book Of Westmarch x2
3R110 Melilot Brandybuck, Merry Dancer
4R300 Escape x3
4R307 Impatient And Angry
4R315 Sam, Frodo’s Gardener
5R112 No Help For It
6R109 Held x2
6R113 Merry, Impatient Hobbit
6R114 Pippin, Hastiest Of All x3
7R318 Frodo, Wicked Masster! x3
7R327 Sam, Resolute Halfling
8R113 Sting, Bane Of The Eight Legs
8R115 Unheeded
9R+49 Bilbo, Bearer Of Things Burgled
10P121 Frodo, Resolute Hobbit x2
10P122 Sam, Great Elf Warrior
11R165 Habits Of Home x5
11R170 Pippin, Brave Decoy x2
11R171 Salt From The Shire
11R173 Sting, Weapon Of Heritage x2


11R177 Army Of Uruk-Hai x3
11R179 Brawling Uruk x2
11R181 Determined Uruk x4
11R184 Force Of Uruk-Hai x2
11R186 Furious Uruk
11R194 Lurtz, Minion Of The White Wizard
11R205 Vigilant Uruk x3

0P61 The Witch-King, Black Captain
1R204 All Veils Removed x3
1R205 Beauty Is Fading x5
1R206 Bent On Discovery
1R208 Black Steed x3
1R210 Dark Whispers x2
1R212 Fear
1R214 In The Ringwraith’s Wake
1R221 The Pale Blade
1R228 The Twilight World
1R239 Ulaire Attea, Keeper Of Dol Guldur
1R231 Ulaire Enquea, Lieutenant Of Morgul
1R236 Ulaire Toldea, Messenger Of Morgul
2R75 Bill Ferny, Swarthy Sneering Fellow
2R77 His Terrible Servants x2
2R80 Striken Dumb x3
2R84 Ulaire Nelya, Ringwraith In Twilight x2
2R86 Wraith-World
3R81 Gates Of The Dead City
6R85 Sword Of Dol Guldur
7R177 Feel His Blade
7R180 Gorbag, Lieutenant Of Cirith Ungol
7R181 Held Ground x3
7R183 Mind And Body
7R191 Morgul Detachment
7R206 Stronghold Of Minas Tirith
8R70 Black Flail x2
9R+43 Ring Of Ire
10R59 Gorbag, Covetous Captain
10R60 Gorbag’s Sword x2
10R67 Ulaire Cantea, Thrall Of The One
11R207 Dark Powers Strengthen
11R211 Keening Wail x2
11R214 The Pale Blade, Sword Of Flame x2
11R216 A Shadow Rises
11R217 Shapes Slowly Advancing
11R219 Ulaire Attea, Second Of The Nine Riders x2
11R224 Ulaire Otsea, Seventh Of The Nine Riders x2
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Veni, vidi, velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck around.
Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 2:56 pm
Joined: 07 May 2007 Posts: 389 Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Huge update!
Trade With Me, I went to Middle Earth, and all I got was this stupid ring!

Veni, vidi, velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck around.
Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 2:59 pm
Joined: 31 Oct 2005 Posts: 479 Location: SP, Brazil
Lots and lots of great stuff Very Happy
If you have a MW Éomer, Horsemaster, please let me know what you want for it Smile
Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 3:07 pm
Joined: 07 May 2007 Posts: 389 Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Thanks Leo, I got your cards off into the post today. And don’t worry, I didn’t forget Streets Of Bree. Wink
Trade With Me, I went to Middle Earth, and all I got was this stupid ring!

Veni, vidi, velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck around.
Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 5:29 pm
Joined: 10 Mar 2007 Posts: 629 Location: Hellas
I want Well-traveled x2 and Precision Targeting x2 SM Smile
"...I stomp round and round, / Never lie on the ground, / Not even to die. / Oliphaunt am I..."

Apop's trading list
My references
Your deck is small...
Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 6:11 pm
Joined: 07 May 2007 Posts: 389 Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Hiya Apopatos, sure you can have those cards. Just as a reminder, these cards are in near mint condition. They all have very light wear on their backs. Would you be willing to part with Dain Ironfoot, King Under The Mountain and Brand, King of Dale for them? If not, then I will have another look at your list.
Trade With Me, I went to Middle Earth, and all I got was this stupid ring!

Veni, vidi, velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck around.
Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 6:18 pm
Joined: 10 Mar 2007 Posts: 629 Location: Hellas
Don’t worry SM, I want my dwarves and my orcs to be in mint condition Wink The others are fine near mint as well. After all a very light wear on their backs isn’t a big deal.
You can have the two kings but one little thing only. Since I’m not fond to give away dwarves I want from you to treat him well. Remember he loves beer and dislikes beetroots Mr. Green
Naah I believe he will be in good hands Smile
"...I stomp round and round, / Never lie on the ground, / Not even to die. / Oliphaunt am I..."

Apop's trading list
My references
Your deck is small...
Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 6:30 pm
Joined: 07 May 2007 Posts: 389 Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Thanks Apopatos, I will pamper your dwarf. I will serve him beer while I drink my Pina Colada. Very Happy He will have roaring fires, malt beer, fresh meat off the bone!

I will get your cards into the post tomorrow. Many thanks for the trade. Thumbs Up
Trade With Me, I went to Middle Earth, and all I got was this stupid ring!

Veni, vidi, velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck around.
Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 1:36 am
Joined: 28 Mar 2007 Posts: 687 Location:
:O I want many things! :]

1R90 Aragorn’s Bow x2
1R95 Blade Of Gondor x1-2
7R228 Eowyn, Dernhelm
7R230 Eowyn’s Sword, Dernhelm’s Blade
4R247 Southron Bow x1-3
11R78 Elevated Fire x2
8R36 Garrison Of Gondor
5R25 Gollum, Stinker
4R1 The One Ring, Answer To All Riddles
7R2 The One Ring, Such A Weight To Carry x2

I’m quite interested in all of those, but esp. the gorn bows (I don’t care about conditions if cards; my sets are done, so these are for decks Very Happy) Do you want/need anything from my list? (or are you selling Wink lol)
My Haves/Wants
Let's Trade! Cool

"Don't waste your time, or time will waste you..."
Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 5:18 am
Joined: 07 May 2007 Posts: 389 Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Anautikus, I looked at your list, and the only things I want are 2 EME cards, Furious Hillman and Swarming Hillman. I might be interested in Gandalf, Bearer Of Obligation as well.

So, I would give you 2 Aragorn’s Bows for those, along with 1 or 2 Blade Of Gondor, maybe? That’s assuming that your list is in order of what you most want to what you want least.

In fact, I’ve got 2 more Aragorn’s Bows, if you want them in place of the Blade Of Gondor, but they’re the promos (0P41). That would make 4 of them, if you want that many.

Or you could put another card in place of the Blade Of Gondor.

Let me know what you think. Smile
Trade With Me, I went to Middle Earth, and all I got was this stupid ring!

Veni, vidi, velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck around.

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