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Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2008 2:04 am
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--- description ---
A G/W weenie deck that’ll pummel your opponent’s to a pulp.
--- end description ---

It all started when I found a card called Juniper Order Ranger. I posted a deck on CC, but now its morphed so much that I have to post a new decklist.


Brushland x 4
Horizon Canopy x 4
Plains x 6
Forest x 6


Birds of Paradise x 4
Llanowar Elves x 4
Essence Warden x 4
Soul Warden x 4
Juniper Order Ranger x 4
Mirror Entity x 4
Treefolk Harbinger x 2


Garruk Wildspeaker x 2
Gaea’s Anthem x 4
Militia’s Pride x 4
Harmonize x 4

The deck is pretty much weenie. Treefolk guy tutors Mirror Entity, which, unfortunately, screams KILL ME! But not usually until after I get to use him to swing for...um...12. Twisted Evil Juniper Order Rangers make them bigger in the absence of Mirror Entities, while Gaea’s Anthem = double to quadruple damage.

The funnest part of the deck is when you get Soul Warden’s and Essence Wardens comboing with Militia’s Pride like mad. Huge life for you, annoying Kithkin for them. Especially when you finish it all off with a Mirror Entity swing.

Matchup Results:

Control: Pretty good. Harmonize is great for a post-wrath recovery, at which point, you throw out tons of tiny little creatures with some Gaea’s Anthem.

Planeswalkers: Okay, so I ran up against a deck that ran tons of planeswalkers and guarded them with his life. And it didn’t do to well. Mirror Entity was screaming "KILL ME! KILL ME!" so he promptly Nameless Inversion-ed it. Several times. At which point he was able to use his high-toughness creatures to block. And I couldn’t swing at his planeswalkers until he had tutored everything with Lilliana, gained tons of life with Ajani and created a hoard of 3/3 tokens with Garruk. Bleah.

Aggro: Met it stroke for stroke.

Burn: Boy that was fun. Life gain rocked. Kept swinging, kept life gaining, kept going aggro with tons of annoying Kithkin, yeah, it was good.
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