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Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 11:35 am
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--- description ---
Stacking Abuse to set up a killer shadow swarm!
--- end description ---

Frodo And Ring
*The One Ring, The Ring of Doom(15R1)
*Gimli, Bearer of Grudges (RB)(9R+4)

(0) Gates of Mordor(15S191)
(0)Fangorn Glade(11S239)
(0)Fortress of Orthanc(11S241)
(1)Rohan Uplands(11S257)
(2)Caras Galadhon(11S231)
(3) Mount Doom(15R193)
(3) Starkhorn(12U193)
(3)Moria Guardroom(11S247)

Fellowship (40)
1x *Ring of Accretion(9R6)
1x *Ring of Artifice(17R4)
1x *Ring of Fury(9R+7)
1x *Ring of Guile(9R8)
1x *Ring of Retribution(9R9)
1x *Durin III, Dwarven Lord(9R+3)
1x *Gloin, Son of Groin(15R6)
1x *Linnar, Dwarven Lord(9R5)
1x *Sindri, Dwarven Lord(9R10)
1x *Thrarin, Smith of Erebor(12U15)
1x *Uri, Dwarven Lord(9R11)
2x *Ever My Heart Rises(4R46)
2x *Hall of Our Fathers(11R11)
2x Preparations(7R12)
2x Stalwart Support(12U14)
4x Come Here Lad(4U43)
2x Defending the Keep(5C6)
4x No Pauses, No Spills(12R10)
2x Out of Darkness(7C11)
3x Rest by Blind Night(4R54)
2x *Axe of Erebor(4R41)
4x Dwarven Axe(1C9)

Shadow (40)
2x Enemy Without Number(13C162)
4x Abandoning Reason For Madness(3C49)
4x Strange Device(12C146)
2x *Gollum, Dark as Darkness(9R+2Cool
1x *Sauron, Dark Lord of Mordor(13R140)
4x *Ugluk, Ugly Fellow(15R172)
4x Determined Uruk(11R181)
4x Pitiless Orc(12U99)
4x Uruk Regular(4C192)
3x Watchman Uruk(11C206)
4x White Hand Exorciser(18C125)
4x *Ugluk’s Sword(4R177)

Deck Notes

This deck is designed to cycle out most free people’s cards then drop a mega swarm of 10+minions. Fellowship’s goal is to just survive and draw like crazy, use muster to discard you whole hand each turn and then use preparations to stack back the shadow cards. Halls of our Fathers, rocks, the goal is get a complete shadow hand on that card, use Axe of Erebor or Sindri to discard all none shadow cards. By time site 6 or 7 comes around your deck should be close to empty then play Rest by Blind night and shuffle all the shadow cards back in and then the fun begins.
How to Swarm:
Determined Uruk owns this deck get as many into play use Gollum to exert ring bearer and 4 more cards, opponent playing a huge fellowship just drop a Pitiless Orc and draw some more. Use uruk regulars to play more Uruks for free, Ulgluk and sword helps play more minions for free, then drop Sauron for guess what yeah free. Strange Device and Abandoning Reason For Madness, help draw more cards, low on twilight use Gollum if opponent has burdens or Enemy Without Number to discard extra cards in hand. I tested this deck and ended up dropping 13 minions including Sauron on my opponent at site 9.
Any Suggestions to make it better?
Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 7:52 pm
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If you wanna see an Uruk Swarm that’s not even funny, you should try old skull site control. Get the guys that stack themselves reg, and then the guys that get dirt cheap as you control more sites. Filter the deck, and then drop a bunch of reduced twilight minions plus everything on sites and some Goblin Runners if necessary.

I’d try to slim the deck down to 37/37, if I were you.
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