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Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 6:20 pm
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I just couldn’t resist.
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I can’t resist. The idea is SO AWESOME!

So I had to try it. Basically, the deck is COMPLETELY Guile centered.

Guile x 4
Flamekin Harbinger x 4

Cryptic Command x 4
Rune Snag x 4
Delay x 4 (Suddenly becomes quite useful).
Scattering Stroke x 4
Spell Burst x 4
Disperse x 4 (if something gets through, it gets bounced to get countered).

Coalition Relic x 4

Primal Beyond x 4
Shivan Reef x 4
Shimmering Grotto x 4
Calciform Pools x 2
Island x 8

Guile hits play. Coalition Relics speed his ability to hit play somewhat. With a decent draw, he should be able to hit turn 4, which isn’t bad at all. And then you can protect him from removal with counters (and flip their removal on them).

Question. Since I’m using Guile, does his ability trump Delay in order to allow me to use it as a regular counter?
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Felipe Musco
Posted: Thu Apr 10, 2008 9:09 pm
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Yes, he does what you’re thinking to Delay. I’d cut harbingers and focus on monoblue. Run 3 Teferis, 3 Guiles and some Mystical Teachings, and you’re set!
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