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Author Topic: hrcho's Have/Want List [Updated 03/05/11]  (Read 5990 times)

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January 25, 2011, 07:17:43 AM
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hrcho's Have/Want List [Updated 03/05/11]
« on: January 25, 2011, 07:17:43 AM »
Very few cards I have are in mint condition, most are near mint and there are some which are a bit more damaged (edgings mostly). I am too lazy to note which card is in which condition and if that kind of thing matters to you, ask me on a specific card. I can even send photos if needed.

* denotes cards I am reluctant to trade (mostly promos from the FotR block), but don't hesitate to make an offer.

I also have heaps of commons and uncommons and if you need any, ask and I'll check if I have what you want.

PM me for any offers or questions you might have.

My references are listed in the following post.

Have List:

0P1 The Prancing Pony *
0P3 Phial of Galadriel *
0P4 Council Courtyard *
0P5 Horn of Boromir *
0P6 Balin's Tomb *
0P7 Book of Mazarbul *
0P8 Galadriel's Glade *
0P10 The Balrog, Durin's Bane *
0P16 Faramir, Son of Denethor x2
0P22 Fell Beast
0P25 Denethor, Wizened Steward x3
0P30 The Balrog, Terror of Flame and Shadow
0P32 Gandalf, Mithrandir x2
0P33 Firefoot
0P34 The Pale Blade x2
0P36 Whip of Many Thongs
0P39 Eowyn, Sister-Daughter of Theoden x2
0P40 Axe of Erebor x2
0P42 The Balrog's Sword x2
0P46 Gimli, Skilled Defender x2
0P47 Aragorn, Defender of Free Peoples
0P51 Radagast, The Brown
0P52 Goldberry, Riverdaughter
0P53 Tom Bombadil, The Master
0P57 Radagast's Staff
0P58 Anarion, Lord of Anorien
0P60 Tom Bombadil's Hat

1R23 Nobody Tosses a Dwarf
1U209 Blade Tip
1U74 Gandalf's Pipe
1C102 Dagger Strike
1C177 Goblin Patrol Troop
2R11 Make Light of Burdens
2R93 Tower Assassin
2C26 Speak Friend And Enter x2
2U71 Throw Yourself In Next Time
3U61 Isengard Warrior
3C59 Isengard Shaman
4C204 Uruk-Hai Marauder
4C129 Pathfinder
4C130 Ranger of Ithilien
4C321 Swiftly and Softly
4C85 Thandronen, Veteran Protector
4C76 Lorien Guardian
4U43 Come Here Lad
4R158 Lieutenant of Orthanc
4C178 Unferth, Grima's Bodyguard
4C278 Heavy Chain
4C226 Easterling Guard
4U335 Uruk Camp
4C165 Orthanc Warrior
6C112 Long Slow Wrath
6C71 Isengard Tinker
6U24 Boomed and Trumpeted
6U14 Banner of Elbereth
6C17 Forewarned
7C257 Veteran Horseman
7U282 Host of Udun
7C288 Mordor Regular
7C315 Tower Walkway
7U335 King's Tent
7U352 Minas Tirith Third Circle
7U353 Osgiliath Crossing
7U14 Slaked Thirsts
7C240 Long Spear
7R223 Death They Cried
7R32 The Board Is Set
7U310 Sauron's Hatred
7U187 Morgul Brawler
8U8 Wish For Our Kinfolk
8C48 Swept Away
8U117 The Dimholt
8R77 Morgul Squealer
8U79 Ulaire Attea, Thrall of the One
8C14 A Fool
10U53 Black Marshal
10U119 Steward's Tomb


1R120 Alive and Unspoiled
1R132 Parry x3
1R166 Cave Troll's Hammer x2
1R169 The End Comes
1R170 Fool of a Took!
1R186 Guard Commander
1R199 Troll's Keyward
1R212 Fear
1R221 The Pale Blade
1R244 Desperate Defense of the Ring
1R263 Orc Banner x2
1R282 The Weight of a Legacy
1R259 Morgul Warden
1R55 The Mirror of Galadriel x2
1R95 Blade of Gondor
1R99 Change of Plans x2
1R28 Wealth of Moria
1R310 Sam, Faithful Companion
1R284 Bilbo Baggins, Retired Adventurer

2R19 Release the Angry Flood x2
2R25 Jarnsmid, Merchant from Dale x2
2R27 Staff Asunder x2
2R36 No Mere Ranger
2R38 Shield of Boromir
2R39 Beyond the Height of Men
2R45 Too Much Attention
2R80 Stricken Dumb
2R93 Tower Assassin x2
2R94 Verily I Come x2
2R1 Beneath the Mountains x2
2R11 Make Light of Burdens x2
2R66 Huge Tentacle x2
2R73 Watcher In the Water, KoW
2R113 Red Book of Westmarch
2R97 Consorting With Wizards
2R109 Orc-Bane
2R100 Fearing the Worst

3R50 Can You Protect Me From Yourself x2
3R91 His Cruelty And Malice

4R103 Treebeard, Earthborn
4R133 Ruins of Osgiliath
4R139 Banished x2
4R146 Come Down x2
4R162 New Power Rising
4R163 No Dawn for Men
4R166 The Palantir of Orthanc, Seventh Seeing-Stone
4R168 Race Across the Mark
4R172 Rohan Is Mine x2
4R173 Saruman, Black Traitor
4R174 Saruman's Staff, Wizard's Device
4R218 Desert Legion x2
4R237 Ithilien Wilderness
4R238 Men of Harad x3
4R244 Regiment of Haradrim
4R246 Southron Assassin
4R247 Southron Bow
4R256 Southron Troop
4R257 Southron Veterans
4R262 Aldor, Soldier of Edoras
4R269 Eothain, Scout of the Mark
4R272 Eowyn's Sword
4R279 Helm! Helm!
4R294 Weapon Store
4R32 Ravage the Defeated x3
4R240 New Fear
4R72 Killing Field
4R84 Sword-Wall x2
4R95 Into Dark Tunnels
4R45 Dwarven Foresight x2
4R54 Rest by blind night x2
4R317 Sam's Pack
4R307 Impatient and Angry
4R315 Sam, Frodo's Gardener x2

5R102 Morannon
5R103 Orc Captain
5R113 No Use That Way
5R124 Break the Charge (AI)
5R16 Down From the Hills
5R21 Be Back Soon
5R29 Smeagol, Slinker
5R41 These Are My People
5R51 Grima, Chief Counselor
5R71 Company of Haradrim
5R72 Desert Stalker x2
5R78 War Mumak
5R84 I am Here
5R86 No Rest For the Weary
5R96 Eye of Barad Dur
5R112 No Help For It

6R103 Gate Troll
6R106 Troll of Udun
6R109 Held x2
6R15 Elrond, Keeper of Vilya
6R18 Galadriel, Keeper of Nenya
6R30 Gandalf, Mithrandir x2
6R6 Hill Clan
6R78 Easterling Army
6R89 Winged and Ominous x2
6R94 Hama, Doorward of Theoden
6R96 News From the Mark
6R114 Pippin, Hastiest of All
6R113 Merry, Impatient Hobbit x2

7R101 Guarded
7R104 Hidden Knowledge
7R113 Pippin's Armor
7R119 Seventh Level
7R127 Vorondil
7R145 Easterling Regiment x2
7R158 Rout x2
7R166 Southron Leader
7R170 Suzerain of Harad
7R177 Feel His Blade
7R179 Ghastly Host
7R180 Gorbag, Lieutenant of Cirith Ungol x2
7R197 Morgul Regiment
7R210 Ulaire Attea, Wraith on Wings
7R219 Ulaire Toldea, Wraith on Wings x2
7R232 Firefoot, Eomer's Steed
7R241 Merry's Armor
7R242 Merry's Sword
7R249 Seeking New Foes
7R24 Leaving Forever
7R308 Rally the Host
7R37 Gandalf, Manager of Wizards
7R43 Light the Beacons
7R56 The Dead City
7R68 Scouting
7R95 Gondor Still Stands
7R10 Loyalty Unshaken
7R58 Gollum, Plotting Deceiver
7R327 Sam, Resolute Halfling
7R183 Mind and Body

8R21 Shadowfax, Greatheart
8R77 Morgul Squealer

9R+16 Glorfindel, Revealed in Wrath
9R+17 Knife of the Galadhrim
9R+30 Smeagol, Bearer of Great Secrets
9R+43 Ring of Ire
9R+52 Tom Bombadil, The Master
9R10 Sindri, Dwarven Lord
9R13 Elven Rope
9R18 Merry's Dagger
9R19 Narya, Ring of Fire x2
9R21 Pippin's Dagger x2
9R22 Strands of Elven Hair
9R23 Vilya, Ring of Air x2
9R24 Ent Draught
9R27 Sent Back x2
9R36 Scroll of Isildur x1
9R37 Seeing Stone of Minas Anor x2
9R38 Seeing Stone of Orthanc x2
9R42 Ring of Asperity x2
9R44 Ring of Rancor x2
9R45 Horn of the Mark
9R46 The Red Arrow x2
9R50 Everyone Knows x3

10R100 Speak No More To Me
10R11 Galadriel, Lady Redeemed
10R13 Phial of Galadriel, Star-glass
10R14 Borne Far Away x2
10R18 Treebeard, Keeper of the Watchwood
10R21 Gollum, Mad Thing
10R29 Drawing His Eye
10R46 Quelled
10R51 Stampeded
10R58 Dark Swooping Shadows
10R68 Ulaire Enquea, Thrall of the One
10R71 Ulaire Toldea, Thrall of the One x2
10R95 Orc Slaughterer
10R3 More yet to come

Those few exceptions I was talking about

11R100 Strange Looking Men

Un/commons and S-cards from Shadows and Black Rider I have no use of
11U67 Archer of Harad
11C86 Invading Haradrim
11C83 Force of Harad
11S97 Raging Dunlending x3
11C73 Corps of Harad x3
11C89 Long Battle Bow x2
11S95 Poleaxe x4
11S92 Overrun x3
11C136 Prowling Orc
11C131 Orc Miscreant
11C107 Barbarous Orc
11U197 Overpowering Uruk
11C204 Tyrannical Uruk
11U244 Heights of Isengard
11S253 Pelennor Fields x2
11S258 Slag Mounds
11U227 Anduin Banks
11S245 Helm's Gate
11S259 Stables x2
11S240 Flats of Rohan
11S243 Harrowdale
11S254 Pelennor Flat
11S241 Fortress of Orthanc

12C67 Goaded to War
12C59 Covetous Easterling
12U71 Last Days
12S55 Brutal Easterling x3
12S65 Frenzied Dunlending x3
12S73 The Mouth of Sauron, MoM x2
12C61 Crooked Townsman x2
12U104 Taunt
12C149 Uruk Common
12C134 Advancing Uruk
12U185 The Angle
12S187 Emyn Muil
12S190 Northern Pelennor

Want List:

1R250 Hate x2
1R90 Aragorn's Bow x2 (Promo edition can do as well)
1R264 Orc Bowmen x4

3R71 Tower of Orthanc x2

7R221 The Witch-king, Morgul King x2
7R230 Eowyn's Sword, Dernhelm's Blade
7R79 Anduril, FotW x2
7R269 Fires Raged Unchecked x2

8R57 Corsair Marauder
8R49 Black Numenorean x3

9R+47 Ithil Stone
9R+15 Gil Galad, EHK x3
9R+7 Ring of Fury x2
9R+2 Freca, Hungry Savage x3

10R25 Aragorn, Elessar Telcontar
10R89 Gothmog's Warg x2
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Some days you're the statue, and some days you're the pigeon.

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February 02, 2011, 08:01:40 AM
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Re: hrcho's Have/Want List [Updated 02/02/11]
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2011, 08:01:40 AM »
My references:

Successful trades:

Successful buys:


More refs coming up soon.
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Some days you're the statue, and some days you're the pigeon.

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March 05, 2011, 04:13:18 AM
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Re: hrcho's Have/Want List [Updated 03/05/11]
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2011, 04:13:18 AM »
Updated 03/05/2011.

Updated want list. Removed some cards.

If you find yourself wanting something from my have list, but don't have anything from my want list, PM me and I'll check your list.
Some days you're the statue, and some days you're the pigeon.

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