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Author Topic: Trade List (Again)- RoS/T&D R/C/U (Aragorn, Defender of Rohan, et al.)  (Read 6886 times)

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July 19, 2011, 06:42:35 AM
Read 6886 times


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*asterisk = in trade.




2x   0P18   Smeagol, Old Noser   [Gollum]
2x   0P27   Frodo, Resolute Hobbit   [Shire]
1x   0P48   Shelob, Last Child of Ungoliant   [Gollum]

The Fellowship of the Ring

1x   1R28   Wealth of Moria   [Dwarven]
1x   1R93   Arwen's Fate   [Gondor]
1x   1R114   The Saga of Elendil   [Gondor]
1x   1R114   The Saga of Elendil [T]   [Gondor]
1x   1R115   Strength of Kings   [Gondor]
1x   1R186   Guard Commander   [Moria]
1x   1R195   Relics of Moria   [Moria]
1x   1R204   All Veils Removed   [Wraith]
4x   1R252   The Irresistible Shadow   [Sauron]
1x   1R252   The Irresistible Shadow (Foreign)   [Sauron]

Mines of Moria

1x   2R7     Gloin, Friend to Thorin   [Dwarven]
1x   2R12   Realm of Dwarrowdelf   [Dwarven]
1x   2R38   Shield of Boromir   [Gondor]
1x   2R50   The Balrog's Sword   [Moria]
1x   2R57   Final Cry   [Moria]
1x   2R66   Huge Tentacle   [Moria]
1x   2R74   Whip of Many Thongs   [Moria]
1x   2R77   His Terrible Servants   [Wraith]
1x   2R109   Orc-Bane   [Shire]

Realms of the Elf-Lords

1x   3R15   Forests of Lothlorien (Foreign)   [Elven]
1x   3R67   The Palantir of Orthanc (Foreign)   [Isengard]
1x   3R99   Orc Trooper   [Sauron]
1x   3R102   Our List Of Allies Grows Thin (Foreign)   [Sauron]

The Two Towers

2x   4R52   My Axe is Notched   [Dwarven]
1x   4R69   Final Count   [Elven]
1x   4R231   Eastern Emyn Muil   [Raider]
1x   4R315   Sam, Frodo's Gardener   [Shire]
1x   4R317   Sam's Pack   [Shire]

Battle of Helm's Deep

1x   5R116   Sting, Baggins Heirloom   [Shire]

Ents of Fangorn

1x   6R15   Elrond, Keeper of Vilya (Foreign)   [Elven]
1x   6R30   Gandalf, Mithrandir   [Gandalf]
1x   6R46   They Stole It   [Gollum]
1x   6R49   Ancient Roads   [Gondor]
2x   6R74   Sharku, Vile Marauder   [Isengard]
1x   6R74   Sharku, Vile Marauder (Foreign)   [Isengard]
1x   6R76   The Balrog, Terror of Flame and Shadow   [Moria]
1x   6R80   Southron Archer Legion (Foreign)   [Raider]
1x   6R85   Sword of Dol Guldur (Foreign)   [Wraith]
1x   6R92   Eomer, Rohirrim Captain (Foreign)   [Rohan]
1x   6R114   Pippin, Hastiest of All   [Shire]
1x   6R126   Ancient Roads (AI)   [Gondor]

The Return of the King

1x   7R33   Citadel to Gate   [Gandalf]
1x   7R103   Hearts Raised   [Gondor]
1x   7R211   Ulaire Cantea, Faster Than Winds [T]   [Wraith]
1x   7R227   Eomer, Skilled Tactician   [Rohan]
1x   7R236   Herugrim, Sword of the Mark   [Rohan]
1x   7R284   Mordor Assassin   [Sauron]
1x   7R321   Merry, Swordthain [T]   [Shire]

The Siege of Gondor

1x   8R2     Battle in Earnest   [Dwarven]
2x   8R11   Life of the Eldar   [Elven]
1x   8R15   Gandalf, Leader of Men [T]   [Gandalf]
1x   8R25   Shelob, Eater of Light [T]   [Gollum]
1x   8R67   Between Nazgul and Prey (Foil)   [Wraith]


1x   9R5     Linnar, Dwarven Lord   [Dwarven]
1x   9R6     Ring of Accretion   [Dwarven]
4x   9R8     Ring of Guile   [Dwarven]
1x   9R9     Ring of Retribution   [Dwarven]
2x   9R11   Uri, Dwarven Lord   [Dwarven]
1x   9R19   Narya, Ring of Fire   [Elven]
1x   9R21   Pippin's Dagger   [Elven]
1x   9R22   Strands of Elven Hair   [Elven]
1x   9R25   Sapling of the White Tree   [Gondor]
2x   9R27   Sent Back   [Gandalf]
1x   9R+30   Smeagol, Bearer of Great Secrets   [Gollum]
2x   9R36   Scroll of Isildur   [Gondor]
2x   9R37   Seeing Stone of Minas Anor   [Gondor]
3x   9R42   Ring of Asperity   [Wraith]
1x   9R+43   Ring of Ire   [Wraith]
2x   9R45   Horn of the Mark   [Rohan]
3x   9R46   The Red Arrow   [Rohan]
1x   9R50   Everyone Knows   [Shire]

Mount Doom

1x   10R6   Arwen, Queen of Elves and Men   [Elven]
2x   10R6   Arwen, Queen of Elves and Men [T]   [Elven]
1x   10R9   Elrond, Venerable Lord   [Elven]
1x   10R9   Elrond, Venerable Lord [T]   [Elven]
1x   10R25   Aragorn, Elessar Telcontar [T]   [Gondor]
1x   10R48   Seasoned Leader   [Raider]
1x   10R68   Gothmog, Lieutenant of Morgul   [Sauron]


1x   11R10   Grimir, Dwarven Emissary   [Dwarven]
1x   11R24   Might of the Elf-lords   [Elven]
1x   11R43   Horribly Strong   [Gollum]
1x   11R44   Incited   [Gollum]
1x   11R68   Armored Easterling   [Men]
4x   11R100   Strange-Looking Men   [Men]
1x   11R133   Orkish Worker   [Orc]
1x   11R141   Undisciplined   [Orc]
1x   11R184   Force of Uruk-Hai   [Uruk]
2x   11R211   Keening Wail   [Wraith]
1x   11R217   Shapes Slowly Advancing   [Wraith]

Black Rider

1x   12R9   Loud and Strong   [Dwarven]
1x   12R26   Discoveries   [Gandalf]
1x   12R28   Gandalf's Hat   [Gandalf]
1x   12R83   The Beckoning Shadow   [Orc]
1x   12R100   Rallying Orc   [Orc]
1x   12R111   Coif   [Rohan]
1x   12R129   Rosie Cotton, Barmaid   [Shire]
1x   12R156   Uruk-Hai Guard   [Uruk]
1x   12R157   Uruk-Hai Troop   [Uruk]
1x   12R175   Ulaire Enquea, Black Threat   [Wraith]


1x   13R1   Arod, Rohirrim Steed   [Dwarven]
1x   13R15   Galadriel, Sorceress of the Hidden Land   [Elven]
1x   13R40   Shadowfax, Roaring Wind   [Gandalf]
3x   13R46   Deagol, Fateful Finder   [Gollum]
1x   13R46   Deagol, Fateful Finder (Foil)   [Gollum]
1x   13R58   Wild Light of Madness   [Gollum]
1x   13R63   Brego, Loyal Steed   [Gondor]
2x   13R108   Forced March   [Orc]
1x   13R136   Snowmane, Noble Mearas   [Rohan]
1x   13R169   Uruk Blitz   [Uruk]
2x   13R86   Desert Wind   [Men]
1x   13R93   Harmless   [Men]

Expanded Middle Earth Deluxe Draft Box

3x   14R4   Gildor Inglorion, Of The House of Finrod   [Elven]
2x   14R5   Brand, King of Dale   [Gandalf]
2x   14R6   Grimbeorn, Beorning Chieftain   [Gandalf]
4x   14R7   Duilin, Ranger from Blackroot Vale   [Gondor]
2x   14R8   Duinhir, Tall Man of Blackroot Vale   [Gondor]
2x   14R10   Furious Hillman   [Men]
2x   14R11   Swarming Hillman   [Men]
4x   14R15   Uruk-Hai Scout   [Uruk]

Rise of Saruman

1x   17R93   Aragorn, Defender of Rohan   [Rohan]
1x   17R96   Eowyn, Northwoman   [Rohan]
1x   17R102   Theoden, Northman, King of Rohan   [Rohan]

Treachery and Deceit

1x   18R100   Gamling's Horn   [Rohan]

Age's End

3x   19P33   Lurtz, Resilient Captain   [Uruk]
2x   19P38   Ulaire Nertea, Dark Horseman   [Wraith]


1x   2C63   Goblin Reinforcements   [Moria]
1x   2C117   Town Center   [Ring]
1x   2C119   Hollin   [Ring]
1x   4U335   Uruk Camp   [Ring]
1x   10C52   Under Foot   [Raider]


1x   17S11   Orophin, Silvan Elf   [Elven]
1x   17U22   Meneldor, Misty Mountain Eagle   [Gandalf]
4x   17C47   Primitive Brand   [Men]
2x   17C50   Stampeding Hillsman   [Men]
7x   17C53   Stampeding Savage   [Men]
1x   17C62   Vengeful Savage   [Men]
1x   17C64   Vengeful Pillager   [Men]
1x   17C70   Feral Ride   [Orc]
1x   17C83   Orkish Runner   [Orc]
2x   17U100   Into The Caves   [Rohan]
1x   17U101   Soldier of Rohan   [Rohan]
1x   17U106   Halfling Leaf   [Shire]
1x   17U107   Merry, In The Bloom of Health   [Shire]
1x   17U109   Pippin, In The Bloom of Health   [Shire]
3x   17C113   Deathly Roar   [Uruk]
1x   17C118   Vile Pit   [Uruk]
2x   17C131   White Hand Slayer   [Uruk]
1x   17C134   White Hand Vanquisher   [Uruk]
1x   18C22   Librarian, Keeper of Ancient Texts   [Gandalf]
1x   18C49   Faramir's Company   [Gondor]
4x   18U58   Soldier's Cache   [Gondor]
4x   18U64   Corsair Scimitar   [Men]
4x   18U79   Frenzy of Arrows   [Orc]
3x   18U86   Orkish Archer Troop   [Orc]
5x   18U108   Golden Perch Ale   [Shire]
2x   18U123   Tracking the Prize   [Uruk]
4x   18C129   White Hand Sieger   [Uruk]


5x   13S62   Boromir, Doomed Heir   [Gondor]
8x   13S99   Stragglers   [Men]



1x   1R50   Legolas, Greenleaf   [Elven] *
1x   1R62   The Splendor of their Banners   [Elven]
3x   1R83   Servant Of The Secret Fire   [Gandalf]
3x   1R173   Goblin Armory   [Moria]
1x   1R183   Goblin Swarms   [Moria]

2x   3R13   Elrond, Herald to Gil-Galad   [Elven]
1x   3R34   Narya   [Gandalf] *

3x   4R61   Company of Archers   [Elven]

2x   7R44   Moment of Respite   [Gandalf]
1x   7R79   Anduril, Flame of the West   [Gondor] *

2x   8R51   Castamir of Umbar   [Raider] (* x1)
2x   8R57   Corsair Marauder   [Raider] (* x1)
3x   8R65   Ships of Great Draught   [Raider] (* x1)

2x   10R8   Cirdan, The Shipwright   [Elven]
3x   10R38   Corsair Brute   [Raider] (* x1)
1x   10P122   Sam, Great Elf Warrior [Shire] *

1x   15R19   Legolas, Of The Woodland Realm   [Elven] *
2x   15R47   Not This Time [Gollum]
1x   15R56   Aragorn's Bow, Ranger's Longbow   [Gondor]

1x   17U10   Namarie   [Elven] *
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Trade List- ft. Aragorn, Defender of Rohan

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PM Sent, dude.

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PM Sent
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Re: Trade List (Again)- RoS/T&D R/C/U (Aragorn, Defender of Rohan, et al.)
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Badabump! Biggest want atm is Sam, Great Elf Warrior.
NB- 4 year veteran of CC/TLHH

"It was like:
Kralik: "What hath God wrought"
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Trade List- ft. Aragorn, Defender of Rohan