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Author Topic: Goblin Sneak Bomb  (Read 2496 times)

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March 25, 2014, 07:44:19 PM
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Goblin Sneak Bomb
« on: March 25, 2014, 07:44:19 PM »
Here is a deck I have been tweaking but would appreciate any comments.

The One Ring, IB
Frodo, RA

The Prancing Pony
Bree Gate
Rivendell Waterfall
Mithril Mine
The Bridge of Khazad-dum
Valley of the Silverlode
Anduin Confluence
Anduin Banks
Summit of Amon Hen

Free Peoples (36 cards)
1xGimli, DoE (starting)
1xSam, SoH (starting)
1xAragorn, RotN
1xArwen, DoE
1xLegolas, GL
1xBoromir, SoD
3xGaladriel, LoL
2xElrond, LoR
1xFilibert Bolger
2xFlaming Brand
1xRanger Sword
1xMithril Coat
2xSecret Sentinels
4xHobbit Intuition
1xThe Last Alliance of Elves and Men
1xO Elbereth
1xThere and Back Again

Shadow (36 cards)
4xGoblin Runner
4xMoria Scout
4xGoblin Sneak
4xGoblin Scavengers
1xIsengard Shaman
4xGoblin Scimitar
4xHost of Thousands
4xGoblin Armory
3xThey Are Coming
1xThe Underdeeps of Moria
1xSpies of Saruman
2xFool of a Took!

Free Peoples Strategy:
If you can't tell from the cards, the Fellowship is all about Frodo and Aragorn. All the other companions are expendable, although Boromir is very handy to keep around if you can. I typically try not to have more than 5 out at once (or 4 if the opponent has Uruks). I typically bid high to go first so I can pull Aragorn. If you happen to have the Shaman or Spies in your opening hand, put that on the bottom of your deck with Gimli first. Otherwise use Gimli to put Runners and Scouts (if opponent has Elves) under your deck. It's not a big deal if Gimli gets killed early. There is a lot of protection against Moria since all other Shadows typically aren't hard to deal with with this Fellowship.

Shadow Strategy:
This is where the fun happens. Use Goblin Sneak to put as many minions under your deck as possible, starting with Runners and Scouts. Once you have peeled all the cards off your deck except the Moria minions you have been stacking, you use Fool of a Took! to draw all of them and bomb the Fellowship, playing the Isengard Shaman and Spies of Saruman to prevent archery. This is pretty much a one-shot deal to swarm Frodo, and most likely you will need 3 or 4 orcs at 5 strength to do the trick. If they happen to have a Secret Sentinels AND enough archery to take you below 3 or 4 extra orcs, you are not gonna win with your Shadow. But it sure is awesome to drop the bomb! The other day I was able to play 15 out of my 17 minions. The best part was my opponent was playing an archery heavy fellowship and he had 4 Gondor Bowmen, Legolas and Aragorn fully healed with a Tale of Gil-galad, and after I played about 10 minions he made the comment "You're gonna need about 20 more of those". Once I played Spies though, all he could do was concede.

One nice maneuver you can do once you've drawn your deck is to use a Goblin Sneak to put a minion under your deck, then play a Scavengers to get a Scimitar and draw the minion.

Obviously this is a deck for fun as you will probably only be able to pull off a bomb about half the time. However you still have Underdeeps which has actually won me a couple games against Dwarf fellowships. Not to mention the Fellowship can actually run if necessary, even early on with the stealth events.  Alternatively, if the opponent doesn't have a second Hobbit, you can just cycle your hand enough to draw just about all the minions on the bottom of your deck. That should be enough minions to swarm a 4 or 5 companion fellowship.

Please note I did not put Goblin Swarms in the deck because typically you are only playing a few orcs a turn and they mostly only have 1 vitality, so they rarely ever win skirmishes. Also no Relics of Moria because by the time you would actually need to start using Relics you are mostly out of deck that you need to draw. Oh and no Balrog because you don't want to shuffle the deck.