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Author Topic: Looking for FOREIGN boosters, please help - have much stuff for trade!  (Read 97 times)

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April 26, 2022, 05:46:05 AM
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I am looking for all these foreign boosters:

PORTUGUESE: Fellowship of the Ring

GERMAN: Mines of Moria, Two Towers

ITALIAN: Realms of the Elf lords, Battle of Helms Deep, Ents of Fangorn, Reflection, Mount doom

FRENCH: Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers, Ents of Fangorn, Return of the King, Siege of Gondor, Reflection, Mount doom

CHINESE: Felloship of the ring

Please if you have even one of those, contact me, I have many foils, rares etc. for trade!   8-)

I am from Czech Republic, but I will buy or trade from anywhere :)
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May 10, 2022, 02:21:32 AM
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In Brazil you can still find sealed packs, but they are kind of expensive. The main place to still get cards is https://www.bestdecktcg.com/?view=ecom/item&prod=140390. You might wanna reach the store owner and ask if he ships FoTR Portuguese boosters overseas. If it fails and you really want it, send me a PM and we can try to work out me buying to send you. The 40,00 BRL the store charges for the booster is about 8,00 USD. I have no idea about international shipping fees, but I'm pretty sure shipping from Brazil with insurance is on the expensive side.

There are places like the Brazilian version of eBay (MercadoLivre), but sealed packs are very rare.

PS: Ask the store before buying, because they might have Portuguese and English boosters.