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Author Topic: Red Green Deck  (Read 2756 times)

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August 17, 2011, 08:23:29 AM
Read 2756 times

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Red Green Deck
« on: August 17, 2011, 08:23:29 AM »
My one friend is planning on building this deck for another friend. It seems a wee bit clunky to me- any suggestions on making it better or ideas for a sideboard?

(G) x1 Nissa Revane
(R) x1 Chandra Nalaar

(G) x4 Sylvan Rangers
(G) x1 Protean Hydra
(G) x2 Prized Unicorn
(G) x2 Elvish Archdruid
(G) x4 Llanowar Elves
(G) x1 Nissa's Chosen
(R) x4 Flameblast Dragon
(R) x2 Shivan Dragon

(G) x2 Back to Nature
(R) x4 Chandra's Outrage
(R) x4 Shatter

(R) x4 Fireball
(R) x2 Lava Axe

(0) x1 Sword of Vengeance
(0) x1 Warlord's Axe

x17 Mountains
x4 Forests
x4 Rootbound Crag

Card Total- 65

August 17, 2011, 08:50:15 AM
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Re: Red Green Deck
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2011, 08:50:15 AM »
Well, first off, consistency. A mana base with 8 ways to produce Green (aside from Dropping Llanowar Elves on turn 1) won't ever reliably play for Nissa's Chosen turn 2. Also, as far as equipment go, Warlord's Axe is really clunky, and not worth the huge mana investment. The Prized Unicorns are cute, as a way to win in stalled boards, but that does not happen too often in constructed, so I say it could go. As the agressor, he needs cheap burn spells, both to take problematic creatures out of the way for his attacks and to burn the opponent's face, should he fail to finish the job. Lightning Bolt is the best one, and Incinerate and Burst Lightning are both solid helpers (with Searing Blaze from the sideboard being awesome against aggro matchups). He is playing a huge amount of unnecessary Dragons (sure, they're cool, but hey, I'm being realistic), Shivan can go, and Flameblast could be a 3-of, at most (nice to drop should they blow up the world and kill your little guys). Lava Axe is not good as a burn spell, as it costs your whole turn and does not give you options, though 1 or 2 Fireballs are fine. Chandra's Outrage, as I said, could go for a cheaper removal, and Shatter and Back to Nature are both sideboard cards at best. To maximize the Archdruids, I'd actually play the full set of Nissa's Chosen (they attack as well as they block, due to the large body), and I'd probably consider 2-3 Cudgel Trolls (since even without Llanowar Elves aerly on, you're still ramping from 2 to 4 with Silvan Ranger anyway), another solid beater that survives Day of Judgment for a single mana. As a finisher, besides the Dragons, 1-2 Overrun might do the trick. I'd probably play around 24 lands, at most, and probably skew the manabase more towards Green, perhaps an even split. at most