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Author Topic: LOTR RPG Character Profiles  (Read 16738 times)

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February 17, 2009, 08:08:37 AM
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Re: LOTR RPG Character Profiles
« Reply #15 on: February 17, 2009, 08:08:37 AM »
Here we go changed a bit from CC

Good Character

Name: Sirius

Age: 27

Race: Man

Class: Assassin/Ranger (i didn't know what else to put him in)

Equipment: A Sword with attached dagger (like boromir in fellowship of the ring) A bow he uses sparingly but is a good archer, does not wear armor.

Personality: Quiet and Reserved uses one word answers when he can.

History: In the War of the Ring Sirius was a double agent spying on isengard for gandalf, while giving false information to wormtounge (lying to saruman was too dangerous) he took part in the battle of isengard with Merry Pippin and the ents he followed the four hobbits back to the shire and told gandalf about the sacking of the shire, now lives in bree and keeps a watch on the shire.

Alignment: For the free peoples but as a double agent fakes for the forces of evil.
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February 18, 2009, 01:28:16 PM
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Re: LOTR RPG Character Profiles
« Reply #16 on: February 18, 2009, 01:28:16 PM »
 I'm new at htis but these are my two RPG characters I'll be using.

 Good Guy Character

 Name: Vernos
 Age: 3023

 Race: Elf
 Class: Warrior

 Equipment: Elven Spear named Slasher, Elven Armor forged at Rivendell, Elven sword strapped to his back that he barely uses.

 Personality: Leaderlike, friendly, fierce in battle.

 History: Vernos was one of the Elven Spearmen on the front lines in the last alliance. His lightning fast reflexes saved many times in the battles. Given an award for courageby Elrond, Vernos resides in Rivendell.

 Alignment: The free people of Middle-Earth.

 Bad Guy Character

 Name: Eron

 Age: 32

 Race: Easterling Man

 Equipment: Easterling Polearm, Scimitar, Pavise and Armor

 Personality: Quite, reserved, fierce and meciless

 History: Eron was born and raised in Rhun. When he joined the army, he quickly excelled to the rank of Lieutenant. He has been victorious in many confrontations.

 Alignment: The Easterling armyand his Generals and higher officers.
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February 19, 2009, 03:49:47 PM
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Re: LOTR RPG Character Profiles
« Reply #17 on: February 19, 2009, 03:49:47 PM »
Good Guy Character

Name: Rahlein

Age: late 20's to early 30's, lost track aboard a slave ship.

Race: Man

Class: Ranger-Warrior

Equipment: Whatever he can salvage off of his enemies. Mainly uses a scimitar, a Wooden/leather shield, and some kind of a short-sword. Does not typically use ranged weapons, but has some skill with a longbow.

History: Originally a ranger from southern Ithilien, Rahlein was captured by Easterlings when he ventured to far in that direction, following a troup of evil men. He then was taken aboard a corsair ship and used as an oar slave. Because of his strong will, he survived longer than most. He was hated by slave drivers because of his strength and immunity to pain.

The captain of this ship then took interest in him. This captain, named Parouge, ordered Rahlein into his cabin to speak with him. Rahlein having been an oar slave for two or more years, the captain never thought him to have much strength left. He wanted Rahlein to be unchained and ordered everyone out of the room except him and the ranger. When Rahlein thought that everyone was out of earshot, he strangled the captain right then and there. Being drunk, Parouge could not fight back with half the speed of the determined slave.

Once the captain was dead, Rahlein took one of the paddle boats from below deck and attempted at escape. Unfortunately for the ranger, he was spotted by someone on night watch and the corsair ship chased after him. The ship caught up to Rahlein's pod in moments. As soon as the two collided, the skillful ranger hooked on to the prow using a dagger he had acquired from the captain and could not be seen in the darkness. The corsairs thought that he had jumped overboard, so many of them dived into the water, leaving 6 or so on deck. Rahlein slowly climbed the ships great bulk and hid in the shadows, striking swiftly and quietly at anyone in range. Using this type of guerrilla attack, Rahlein eliminated all but three of the corsairs on board, and used them as captives. He then cut any line that remained so that the corsairs in the water would have to swim back to shore, which was about 12 miles from where the boat currently was.

Freeing the rest of the slaves, Rahlein led them to freedom. The boat was soon docked way up north, in the elven country. Rahlein then lit the ship on fire and let it sail away, with the three corsairs still on board. Cruelty without treason, that was always his way and would ever be his way. Him and the rest of the slaves soon found there way to Rivendell, and decided to retire there. Rahlein, of course, would later journey back to Gondor. But that would be a later time. A time when peace had come upon the land of Middle Earth.

alignment: The free peoples of middle earth, elves and men mostly.
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March 19, 2009, 05:46:35 PM
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Re: LOTR RPG Character Profiles
« Reply #18 on: March 19, 2009, 05:46:35 PM »
I've never reallly made an RPG character but it looks like it could be fun so here goes:

Good Guy Character

Name: Braler

Age: ~13,000

Race: Elf

Class: Forester/Archer

Equipment: bow named Tindu(twilight)/ sword named Rin(memory)/ leather armor

Personality: introverted, spends most of his time deep in the forests of middle earth, primarily Fangorn Forest, slow to speak but quick to act against evil, somewhat bitter at the disappearing of the forests

History: At the awakening of the elves, Braler was awakened by Imin and became one of his people.  He followed Imin in the early years while he became enamoured with the forests of Arda.  Soon, Melkor began stealing away some of the elves to twist them into servants of his dark will.  This caused fear to enter the hearts of the elves.  They began to search for ways to protect their people.  One of the early weapons formed by the young race of elves was the bow.  Braler found an ancient tree that had fallen into the pool of awakening.  From a large branch of this tree, he shaped Tindu, his stout re-curve bow.  Tindu, formed from enchanted wood, has been his one constant companion through the ages.  When the Valar came and escorted many of the elves across the sea to Valinor, Braler chose to remain in the forests he loved.  In the passing years, while most of the elves were living with the Valar, Braler roamed far and wide across the lands of middle earth.  It was during these twilight years that he met Fangorn, the oldest and wisest of the Ents.  Their friendship took off immediately.  Over the years they travelled far through the forests and acquired much lore.  While Braler was traveling alone one day, he witnessed the return of the Noldor.  These returning elves set up camp on the north shore of Lake Mithrim.  Curiosity piqued, Braler entered the camp and listened intently to their stories of an enchanted land across the sea and the many precious things they had wrought there.  One particular elf spoke long with Braler and was curious to know the wisdom of the forests that Braler held.  Madhedros was his name.  He was amazed at Braler's skill with his bow, which had been honed in the dark forests over the long years of his life.  Braler on the other hand was equally amazed at the brilliant sword carried by Madhedros, which had been forged in Valinor, and his skill at wielding it.  Soon, Melkor made his move and the elves found themselves plunged into the Dagor-nuin-Giliath.  Durring this battle, Braler and Madhedros fought side by side and slew many orcs.  In a furious push by a mass of Balrogs, the two became separated.  When Braler finally found Madhedros after the fighting died down, he had been mortally wounded by one of the fiery beasts.  Madhedros asked Braler to take his sword and learn to wield it.  He was convinced that one day it might save his friend's life.  Braler finally agreed and named the sword Rin, meaning memory, in honor of his fallen comrade.  In the following ages, Braler spent most of his time alone in the forests of middle earth.  His most frequent place of rest has always been Fangorn forest, where he speaks long with his ancient friend, the keeper of that forest. 
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March 25, 2009, 01:23:35 PM
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Re: LOTR RPG Character Profiles
« Reply #19 on: March 25, 2009, 01:23:35 PM »

Name: Feanon Telemnar

Race: Noldorin Elf

Age: 98

Gender: Male

Occupation: Warrior/Ranger

Origin: Born in Nevrast

Home: He lives in a small house in a town(of Edain)near the camps of Aegnor and Angrod. His house is quite small, with only 2 rooms. His bedroom is the smaller room. It has a bed of stacked hay with blanket coverings. On his wall is a mantle where he keeps his sword. He has a small counter beside the bed where he keeps his sling, pouch, flute, bow and arrow, and also his clothes. He has a hook that he hangs his cloak on and in the corner he has a small desk with his armor in it. His second room is the kitchen. He has a fire place(with 2 stones on which a small grill can be placed), a counter with a few small utensils. He has a nice chair in one corner of the room and he has a bear skin rug on the floor. The house and everything in it is made of wood, built for Telemnar by the men of the town.


Physical Description: Feanon is a tall elf with dark hair, but bright blue eyes. His face shows sorrow, but also determination. He is well built and very agile. In battle he wears mostly leather armor, as the elves like to move swiftly and lightly in battle. As he lives in a place of danger which is constantly under attack by orcs, he dresses in a cloak that is a blueish green color which nicely camouflages with the forests and highlands of Noldor.

Personality: Feanon is a kind and strong elf, but will almost always speak his mind. He is learned in the art of music (as most elves are) and he loves to play his reed flute. Telemnar loves to tell the tales of the Eldar to the men of Beor. He has a great interest in Edain and comes often among them, telling tales and singing songs(as well as playing them on his flute) of the deeds of the Eldar and of the Valar. He however has never seen Valinor and has a great longing to see it and the ocean. Telemnar is a well educated elf and is skilled in swordsmanship. As deadly as he is in battle, he does not like death and he mourns often for his friends lost. He is well respected among the Edain of Beor and of the Elves of Dorthonion. He would willingly sacrifice himself for a companion, however he is very loyal and will do what a friend asks.

History: Feanon was born in Nevrast and raised by his mother and father in a small house by the sea. He had a great education. For a large portion of his childhood, his father and mother lived together. But when he was 92 (still a youth in the reckoning of elves) his father went away to serve in the army of Dorthonion in the wars of the north. Telemnar was torn in grief, for he was not yet old enough to fight. Determined to fight alongside his father, he increased his efforts in training, especially with a sword.

Inventory: A long sword (one handed), a Noldorin dagger(his father gave it to him), his sling and stone pouch, bow and arrows a travelers cloak(blueish green), and armor made of leather and a flute.
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January 17, 2011, 07:59:11 AM
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Re: LOTR RPG Character Profiles
« Reply #20 on: January 17, 2011, 07:59:11 AM »
Good Guy

Beowdil (The Enduring) son of Wulf (<-not the dundling)

Race: Man

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Class: Reluctant Fighter, Retired Farmer

Equipment:  Broad sword worn at hip, heavy chain, knife, short bow, leather gauntlets, cloak, rations.

History:  Beowdil was a farmer.  His crops were full, his beloved wife was fair, and his sons strong.  All that changed when the uruk-hai raiding party passed through Dale.  They destroyed everything, his barn, his home, and Beowdil was left for dead.  When the man recovered, it was night.  The sound of a smoldering fire filled his ears.  All that was left of his former life rose to the sky in plumes of smoke.  Beowdil searched all night for his family, but to no availe.  They were gone.
"I must find them!" He thought to himself.  Retreating to the remains of his barn Beowdil withdrew from below the remaining floor boards his family's heirlooms:  A broadsword, a shirt of chainmail, and leather gauntlets.
For many months now Beowdil has been searching.  His quest has awarded him a few things he views as mere nick-nacks.  However, despite his greatest efforts, he has not found a clue as to his famlies whereabouts.

Personality:  Beowdil is a man on a mission.  Honest and driven.  He seems distracted at times since he is tracking his family.  Nevertheless, he has a heart of gold.  Beowdil is not a spectacular fighter, but what he lacks if formal training he makes up for in endurance.  When others faulter, Beowdil keeps moving.  When others are weary, Beowdil takes the remaining slack.  He doesn't quit, and cares for his traveling companions for however long their roads are intertwined.

Alignment:  Though Beowdil is a good free-man of middle-earth, his heart will always belong to his family
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January 18, 2011, 03:30:51 PM
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Re: LOTR RPG Character Profiles
« Reply #21 on: January 18, 2011, 03:30:51 PM »
Neutral Guy

Name: Kane

Race: Man

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Class: D&D's monk-like class

Equipment: Trained in the deadly art of unarmed fighting, Kane needs no weapons aside from his fists. The only semblance of a weapon and also the only thing of value on him is one mithral gauntlet given to him by a dwarf craftsman whose life he saved from some roaming orcs. He wears no armor and counts on his speed and mind to prevail in battle. Kane also packs some darts imbued in poison and a little crafting knife neatly stashed in his boot.

History: Kane is known to few and his history to even fewer. He was a child of Rohan, but when orcs raided his village, his parents sent him away on the fastest horse they could find. A few days later, starved and exhausted he was found by the Drúedain of Ghân-buri-Ghân's clan. For the next several years he lived with the Drúedain and learned their ways. Most of all, he learned how to enter those deep places in his mind through sheer discipline and meditation and found new strength there. He learned how to exceed the limits normally imposed on others of his race. After a decade of life with the Drúedain, he left in search of perfection. Traveling extensively through entire Middle-Earth, never staying in one place except when he found a new way to improve himself. On his travels he met only one person whom he might call a friend - Radagast the Brown. Whenever he met him, he learned something new and many a trick that Radagast taught him saved his life more then once. He is still out there, traveling the Middle-Earth in search of perfection.

Appearance: There is not much to be seen when one looks upon Kane. A short and thin man, always looking ragged and resembling a beggar, few even notice him. His one mithral gauntlet is always on his arm, but always wrapped in black cloth so as not give away that this man is more than meets the eye. His enemies have always underestimated him, to their own doom. The only hint a careful observer might get that this man is not your usual beggar are his eyes. Deep and grey, showing wisdom and experience beyond age, those eyes reveal this man for who and what he really is - a perfect warrior.

Personality: Kane strives for perfection, for unification of mind, body and soul and perceives as an enemy anyone getting in his way. He cares little for the doings of others so long as they are not obstructing him on the way to his goal. Never saying anything unless he is asked and even then he rarely cares to answer. As much as he doesn't care for other Free Peoples of Middle-Earth, he helped many a man, elf, dwarf and even a hobbit in need. But it was never because of the goodness of his heart, but because he saw another chance to test himself, to further push the limits until there are no more limits. One might say he's a death seeker, running into battle unarmed, unarmored and always against greater numbers, but that is far from the truth. Always calm and calculated, Kane knows he can prevail against any foe. However, there is also an emptiness in him. He knows of it, but denies it. Always alone, Kane knows no real friends and no real love. He perceives it all as a weakness, but if he looked closer, he might see it for what it was: another step to perfection. For he will achieve nothing of the sort until he gets rid of that emptiness and so he travels the world in an endless search. A search for friends, even though he might not know it; a search for love, even though he might deny it. And so he still travels the world looking for that one enemy... that one perfect enemy whom he must defeat to achieve his own perfection.

Alignment: Kane doesn't see the races of the Free Peoples as friends, but he does see the orcs as an enemy.
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