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 +===== Archery Phase =====
 +<WRAP info>**From the Comprehensive Rules 4.0:**
 +===Perform archery actions===
 +During this phase, players may perform archery actions (special abilities on cards in play with "Archery:" and events with that keyword) using the action procedure. When all players consecutively pass, conduct archery fire.
 +===Archery fire===
 +All Shadow players count the number of all their minions with the keyword **archer** to determine the “minion archery total.” No matter how many Shadow players there are, there is only one minion archery total.
 +As the Free Peoples player, you also count the number of your Free Peoples archer companions to determine the “fellowship archery total.”
 +The Free Peoples player then assigns a number of wounds equal to the minion archery total to his companions (and participating allies), in any way he wishes.
 +He then chooses one Shadow player who must assign a number of wounds equal to the fellowship archery total to his minions, in any way he wishes.
 +There is always a “default” archery total of zero for each side. A card may add to your archery total even though you have no archers in play at that time.
 +When the fellowship is at an ally’s home site (or a card has allowed them to participate in archery fire), you may count archer allies for the fellowship archery total, and assign archery wounds to them.
 +When all archery wounds have been assigned, proceed to the assignment phase. If there are no minions left after the archery phase, then skip directly to the regroup phase.
 +===Archery Phase Summary===
 +  * Perform archery actions
 +  * Determine archery totals for each side.
 +  * Free Peoples player assigns archery wounds to his companions (and participating allies).
 +  * Free Peoples player chooses one Shadow player.
 +  * That Shadow player assigns archery wounds to his minions.
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