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 +Gemp-LotR is an online platform allowing players from all over the world to play [[Lord of the Rings TCG]] against each other. Development began in summer 2011, soon after first beta version (including only cards from [[Fellowship of the Ring]] set) was released. Currently all cards released are available and extra features are under development. Gemp-LotR website is http://www.gempukku.com/gemp-lotr.
 +===Most important features===
 +Contrary to previous LotR Online TCG platforms, Gemp-LotR is a completely browser-based game. It requires no downloads and player can log in from nearly any device that has access to Internet (including some mobile phones). Similarly to [[Decipher]]-supported [[Lord of the Rings Online|LotR Online TCG]], game rules and card effects are carried out automatically in Gemp, allowing for faster and smoother gameplay. Additionally, the game is completely free to play. Both casual games and competitive playing (in form of leagues) are supported. Gemp-LotR is currently the biggest online LotR TCG environment, with close to 200 active players.
 +===Important pages===
 +Below is the list of most important areas of Gemp-LotR website, each linking to its own page, which explains how a given area works. Screenshots from the website are included. This is work in progress.
 +* [[Gemp Login|Login Page]]
 +* [[Gemp Hall|Game Hall]]
 +* [[Gemp Game|Game Room]]
 +* [[Gemp Builder|Deck Builder]]
 +* [[Gemp Merchant|Card Merchant]]
 +* [[Gemp Leagues|Leagues]]
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