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 +====== Eomer, Forthwith Banished (P) (0P66) Wiki ======
 +===== General Strategy =====
 +This is a very passive version of Eomer, who is equivalent  to Eomer, Rohirrim Captain, except for a lower twilight cost, lack of ability, and the addition of the damage +1 modifier.  Unless having Eomer in your starting Fellowship for only 1 twilight is important, you would be best to select another Eomer.
 +===== Extra Information =====
 +==== Other Versions of Eomer ====
 +[[:lotr00045|{{thumbs:lotr00045.jpg|Third Marshal of Riddermark (P)}}]] [[:lotr00049|{{thumbs:lotr00049.jpg|Keeper of Oaths (P)}}]] [[:lotr00080|{{thumbs:lotr00080.jpg|Eored Leader (P)}}]] [[:lotr00D23|{{thumbs:lotr00D23.jpg|Forthwith Banished (D)}}]] [[:lotr04266|{{thumbs:lotr04266.jpg|Sister-son of Theoden}}]] [[:lotr04267|{{thumbs:lotr04267.jpg|Third Marshal of Riddermark}}]] [[:lotr06092|{{thumbs:lotr06092.jpg|Rohirrim Captain}}]] [[:lotr07227|{{thumbs:lotr07227.jpg|Skilled Tactician}}]] [[:lotr07227T|{{thumbs:lotr07227T.jpg|Skilled Tactician (T)}}]] [[:lotr07365|{{thumbs:lotr07365.jpg|Valiant Warchief}}]] [[:lotr08087|{{thumbs:lotr08087.jpg|Keeper of Oaths}}]] [[:lotr11145|{{thumbs:lotr11145.jpg|Guardian of the Eastmark}}]] [[:lotr12112|{{thumbs:lotr12112.jpg|Eored Leader}}]] [[:lotr13123|{{thumbs:lotr13123.jpg|Heir to Meduseld}}]] [[:lotr13F12|{{thumbs:lotr13F12.jpg|Heir to Meduseld (F)}}]] [[:lotr13O08|{{thumbs:lotr13O08.jpg|Heir to Meduseld (O)}}]] [[:lotr15123|{{thumbs:lotr15123.jpg|Horsemaster}}]] [[:lotr15F13|{{thumbs:lotr15F13.jpg|Horsemaster (F)}}]] [[:lotr15O06|{{thumbs:lotr15O06.jpg|Horsemaster (O)}}]] [[:lotr17095|{{thumbs:lotr17095.jpg|Northman}}]] [[:lotr19025|{{thumbs:lotr19025.jpg|Eored Captain}}]]
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