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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Riders of the Mark (P) (0P77)


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 +====== Riders of the Mark (P) (0P77) ======  
 +{{description>Full card information and wiki for Riders of the Mark (P) (0P77) from LotR TCG}}  
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 +| Set:| Promotional|  
 +| [[Kinds_of_Cards|Kind]]:| Free People|  
 +| Culture:| [[Rohan Culture|Rohan]]|  
 +| [[Twilight Cost|Twilight]]:| 5|  
 +| Card Type:| Companion &#149; Man|  
 +| Strength:| 8|  
 +| Vitality:| 3|  
 +| Resistance:| 6|  
 +| Game Text:| To play, spot 2 ![ROHAN] companions. You may play Riders of the Mark any time you could play a skirmish event. When you play Riders of the Mark, you may exhaust a minion.|  
 +| Rarity:| P|  
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