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Author Topic: Elf wounding/Southron archery suggestions  (Read 730 times)

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June 23, 2020, 12:05:52 PM
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Elf wounding/Southron archery suggestions
« on: June 23, 2020, 12:05:52 PM »
I got this deck and really like it, but i feel the shadow cards are stucking in my hand so i can't play the freeps fast and also cant do much to the opponent if he doesn't add much twilight.
any suggestions for another shadow maybe or changes?

Galadriel RB



2x Arwen, QoEaM
3x Eowyn, LoI
1 Cirdan

4x Elrond, HtGG

1x Vilya
2x Nenya
4x Elven Bow
1x Phial of Galadriel
1x Asfaloth
1x Gwemegil
1x Aiglos
1x Brego
1x Eowyn's Sword, DB

4x Double Shot
2x Company of Archers
2x That Is No Orc Horn

2x The Splendor of their Banners
1x The Tale of Gil Galad

Shadow (35)

4x Desert Lord
4x Southron bowman
3x Elite Archer
3x Uruk Crossbowman
3x Haradrim Marksman
3x Southron Marksmen
1x Grima,WT
1x Enquea

4x Seasoned Leader
2x Rallying Call

3x Mumak

2x Sarumans power
2x War Towers

June 23, 2020, 04:03:16 PM
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Phallen Cassidy

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Re: Elf wounding/Southron archery suggestions
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2020, 04:03:16 PM »
Drop Mumak right off the bat, it sounds nice in theory but in practice 14 str just isn't enough to beat their main skirmisher. Plus your ideal minion is already exhausted and vulnerable to the many forms of direct wounding that exist for FP. A copy or two of Desert Sneak will let you play Southron Marksmen, Uruk Crossbowman will not. Hosts Still Unfought will help you mill through your hand to make room for your FPs, and you can always bluff a Whirling Strike to make your opponent get rid of things they had wanted to keep. You could also just add Whirling Strike in ;) I'm also partial to Southron Fanatic, but that's just me. If you add those two non-archers, you may find that Southron Bow brings them to life... Or you may find that Southron Bow clogs your hand even more than the Mumaks.

For the FP, Gwemegil is great at cycling and I don't think you'll get much value out of Eowyn's Sword, Dernhelm's Blade -- at 1 copy of each, I think you'll get neither of them when you're hoping. I guess the point is that by the time you draw Cirdan you have 3+ events in the discard pile? I don't know whether you'll get your money's worth out of him, especially starting Glorfindel to handle skirmishers who manage to break through. If you just want to get some elves on the table I personally am a big fan of Ordulus, but I know he's not very impressive looking. At 4 copies of Elrond, you won't do better than Secret Sentinels for condition discarding. I know That Is No Orc Horn is here for the healing, but it's also currently the best you've got for Besiegers (and Grond). I think Stand Against Darkness is an (overly) effective card to add.

So here are the changes I would go for, but if there are other cards that you don't feel a connection to then listen to your heart:

-3x Mumak
-3x Uruk Crossbowman
+2x Desert Sneak
+1x/2x Hosts Still Unfought
+1x/2x Whirling Strike
+1x Southron Marksmen (so dang good)

-1x Eowyn's Sword DB
-1x Cirdan
-2x Company of Archers
-1x That Is No Orc Horn (this one could be anything, really)
+1x Gwemegil
+1x Arwen QoEaM (more consistency, but you lose an expendable companion) or Ordulus (expendable and cheap) or Aegnor (if you're really worried about skirmishes)
+2x Secret Sentinels
+1x Stand Against Darkness (might make people hate you, but it's Grond right back at 'em)