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Author Topic: Stacking Dwarves and Moria  (Read 879 times)

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October 02, 2020, 02:29:32 AM
Read 879 times


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Stacking Dwarves and Moria
« on: October 02, 2020, 02:29:32 AM »
Been using this a fair bit recently and it's currently 8-4 on Gemp, so doing OK but definitely some room for improvement.

Strategy is fairly obvious hopefully, filter all your FP cards on to conditions to make the dwarves tanks and set up hand and discard for straightforward Moria shenanigans. Aragorn provides easy healing thanks to Suspended Palaces and Stout and Strong and is a decent secondary fighter too.

Should probably add a couple of slaked thirsts to deal with Mr. Wormtongue although not sure what to drop for them.

The FP hasn't really had any really bad matches, even against Corsairs it usually holds on - 2 site Dunland is probably the hardest one.

The losses have come from the shadow being blown out the water by multi cultural mass wounding with Vilya spam and getting hammered by back to back Blood Runs Chill - so not sure if there's a lot I can do there given it's an inherent Moria weakness. Maybe some kind of ally hate or FP condition discard but not sure what's easily available (Saruman's Power hurts me too - maybe a splash Black Traitor?)

Anyway, have away!

Stacking Dwarves and Moria

Ring-bearer: Gimli, Bearer of Grudges
Ring: The One Ring, Answer To All Riddles

Adventure deck:

Dunharrow Plateau
Rohirrim Camp
The Dimholt
City of the Dead
Crashed Gate
Minas Tirith Second Circle
Osgiliath Crossing

Free Peoples Draw Deck:

1x Durin III, Dwarven Lord
1x Sindri, Dwarven Lord
4x Aragorn, Defender of Free Peoples
1x Sam, Son of Hamfast
1x Thrarin, Dwarven Smith
2x Axe of Erebor
1x Dwarven Armor
2x Dwarven Axe
2x Dwarven Bracers
1x Ring of Accretion
1x Ring of Fury
1x Ring of Guile
1x Anduril, Flame of the West
4x Battle Tested
1x Blood Runs Chill
4x Defending the Keep
1x Rest by Blind Night
1x Ever My Heart Rises
4x Loyalty Unshaken
2x Preparations
2x Stout and Strong
2x Suspended Palaces

Shadow Draw Deck:

1x Ancient Chieftain
2x Cave Troll of Moria, Scourge of the Black Pit
4x Goblin Runner
4x Goblin Scavenger
1x Guard Commander
2x Host of Moria, Legion of the Underdeeps
4x Moria Scout
2x Troll's Keyward
1x Úlairë Enquëa, Lieutenant of Morgul
4x Goblin Scimitar
2x Moria Axe
1x Drums in the Deep
4x Host of Thousands
4x Goblin Armory
2x Goblin Swarms
2x They Are Coming