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Author Topic: My old Dwarves / Morcs deck  (Read 533 times)

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December 29, 2020, 08:03:41 AM
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My old Dwarves / Morcs deck
« on: December 29, 2020, 08:03:41 AM »
Hi everybody,

about 15 years after I retired as an active player, everybody said to me, I should sell my card collection. But luckily I found this site and gemp! So I looked up my old decks and started to play again. With this deck I am standing 12-1 (not too bad for an old rusty player, right?). That loss was on my FP side. Once I got to site 9 and the other 11 games were a shadow kill, mostly at sites 4-6.

Ring-bearer: Gimli, Bearer of Grudges
Ring: The One Ring, Answer To All Riddles

Adventure deck:
Dunharrow Plateau
Rohirrim Camp
Hall of the Kings
Pelennor Prairie
Pelennor Flat
Minas Tirith Second Circle
Osgiliath Crossing

Free Peoples Draw Deck:
1x Durin III, Dwarven Lord
1x Linnar, Dwarven Lord
1x Sam, Son of Hamfast
1x Thrarin, Dwarven Smith
4x Dwarven Axe
3x Dwarven Bracers
1x Gimli's Helm
3x Hand Axe
3x Ring of Fury
2x Ring of Guile
1x Ring of Retribution
3x Blood Runs Chill
4x Delving
1x Flurry of Blows
2x Here Lies Balin, Son of Fundin
1x Dark Ways
2x Greatest Kingdom of My People

Shadow Draw Deck:
1x Gollum, Dark as Darkness
2x Morgul Skulker
4x Morgul Brute
4x Morgul Destroyer
1x Morgul Squealer
4x Morgul Whelp
3x Ulaire Cantea, Faster Than Winds
2x Ulaire Enquea, Lieutenant of Morgul
3x Ulaire Lemenya, Assailing Minion
2x Ulaire Nelya, Ringwraith in Twilight
2x Ulaire Otsea, Thrall of the One
4x Captured by the Ring
2x Flung Into the Fray

Classic Morcs, which won almost every tournament in our meta after Reflections was released. Play 4-6 minions every site. Lemenya and Nelya are cheap and nasty in combination with morcs. Some used Nertea, Thrall of the One for a surprise site 3 swarm. Gollum ensures the wound on RB for your Whelps. Morgul Skulker and Flung Into the Fray helps to play your morcs more often. Pump your Brutes and Destroyer to win most skirmshes. Either you swarm your opponents RB or kill your opponents companions until you can swarm the RB.
Weakness: After some time everybody in our meta played many hardcore counters like Dwarves with 2x Greatest Kingdom of My People (Pelennor Prairie or a single perfect killing swarm are my only chances) and 3-4x Here Lies Balin, Son of Fundin or Elves with 4x Curse their foul feet!.
Free Peoples:
Well, I don't like playing with or against dwarves. But they are the perfect match to get my shadow running. Choke as #$&*@!. Play every dwaven card from hand. Draw cards wih delving. Get rid of cards with Linnar, so you have at least 6 shadow cards every turn in hand. In my memory it was almost impossible to kill your dwarves before site 5, which gives your shadow enough time to kill, except of heavy draw luck. Luckily I didn't saw a single Wormtongue in all matches on gemp.

I am glad, I found this opportunity to play LotR again. I will try in the near time, which of my old decks can also keep up with the players of today.