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Author Topic: Deck Posting Guidelines  (Read 4594 times)

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May 17, 2008, 06:49:46 AM
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Deck Posting Guidelines
« on: May 17, 2008, 06:49:46 AM »
The Last Homely House welcomes all deck posting. Everyone knows that a lot of people on here love to critique and help you build you decks. To help us in doing this, it would be great to follow a couple guidelines.

1). Post the format. A lot of members of The Last Homely House only play certain formats. Letting people know what format you are playing is a great help to reviewers. The preferred method of notation is to insert the format in parantheses after posting the decks.

2). Post how much of the deck is included. If you are posting a Shadow-side only deck, notate "Shadow Only." If you are posting a Free Peoples-side only deck, notate "Free Peoples Only." If posting a complete Free Peoples/Shadow deck, no notation is necessary.

3). Use a Question Mark for Questions. If you are not posting a deck, and instead are requesting help of some sort, please use the Question Mark Message Icon. This helps show what threads are actually decks, and what threads are simply questions.

Keeping these rules in mind will help keep the boards clean and neat and help our reviewers help you.

Thank you!

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