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Author Topic: foil cards rarity / population  (Read 16 times)

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May 04, 2021, 02:29:19 PM
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foil cards rarity / population
« on: May 04, 2021, 02:29:19 PM »
I have to admit, that current price spike of foil prices forced me to think about the card rarities and population.

I have never seen an official statement on print runs of any edition, but here is what I read about and figured out regarding the foil rares in movie block:

1) rare foils were packaged 1 per 30 boosters. This would mean for base set 1 specific foil rare per 100 boxes, for small set 1 per 30 boxes.
2) there are 5 or 6 digit codes on the bottom of booster boxes, which, from what I have seen, could be series numbers of print run. I have seen numbers like 19 thousand on Reflection booster box, 50-160ths on Fellowship/TTT boxes etc. And also 5911 on TTT starter deck display. 2960 Siege of Gondor booster box.. Also, foreign editions boxes are not numbered (or at least polish is not).
If my presumption is right, than the booster box bottom numbers really counts the print run and if we find the highest number we saw on boxes, we can estimate the print runs. From what I tried to find around the internet, the booster box print run for FotR is not higher than 200k boxes.

If 200k boxes for FotR is somhow decent estimate, than the amount of each individuall foil rare distributed through boosters would be around 2000 cards. The numbers for other sets would significantly decrease, as it seems, that print runs of other sets were significantly smaller.

Does it makes sense to you guys? Anyone have any info on this matter?

Print run of FotR would be 80mil cards, which in comparison to Magic looks really small, but I honestly do not think, that LotR was anywhere close to lets say 4th edition MTG core set, which is estimated around 800mil cards print run.