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Author Topic: 2023 World Championship  (Read 2348 times)

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August 23, 2023, 11:57:16 PM
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2023 World Championship
« on: August 23, 2023, 11:57:16 PM »
It's occurred to me that we have not been posting about this near event here on TLHH, so let's rectify that.

In October, the Player's Council will be running a World Championship for the Lord of the Rings TCG for the first time in more than ten years.  Full details can be found on the PC website here. 

All games will be played on Gemp, and players will need to bring 2 decks, one for the PC-FOTR format and one for the PC-Movie format.  These formats are mirrors of the classic FOTR and Movie formats we all know, but have PC Errata applied and include a few rule changes besides.  They also include the PC's first virtual set, Shadow of the Past (V1).

There's a lot going on at the event itself, so let me summarize it...backwards.

- On October 21st, at 17:00 UTC, the top 8 qualifying players will compete in a double-elimination tournament, with the upper bracket playing with PC-Movie decks and the lower bracket using PC-FOTR.  This will culminate in a Best of 3 PC-Movie showdown between the top 2 players.  The winner will be crowned the 2023 World Champion, and the runner-up will be the World Challenger.  Each of them will receive a deckbox-trophy.  They and the rest of the top 8 will receive a plaque, their choice of DGMA T-shirt, and several other physical card prizes courtesy of our sponsors CardGameGeek and CategoryONEGame.

- On October 14th, at 17:00 UTC, the Group Stage will commence, made up of 64 invited players who will play 8 rounds of Swiss over 6 hours (with breaks).  The top 8 players will be cut and will move on to the Championship Tournament.  The first 4 rounds of Swiss will be PC-FOTR, and the last 4 rounds will be PC-Movie.  Players will have their cumulative scores ordered using the Modified Median tiebreaker method (not the opponent-win-percentage method currently used by Gemp).

- For three Saturdays in September, the last-chance Walk-on Qualifiers will run, ultimately handing out 45+ invitation slots.  Each Saturday will focus on one of the PC formats in turn: PC-FOTR, PC-Movie, and PC-Expanded.  2 events will run per day, one targeting the EU time zones at 09:00 UTC, and one targeting the US time zones at 17:00 UTC.  The winner and runner-up of each event will receive an invitation to the Group Stage, and after all the events have finished the remaining players will have their standings from each event normalized and sorted according to score.  Invitations will then be handed out from the top of that list until 64 total invitations have been handed out.  Players are permitted to enter as many of these events as they wish, and players who have already secured invitations may also join for fun and profit.

The last thing we would like to bring attention to is that each player entering the Walk-ons or the Group Stage will need to register as well as obtain a Championship Ticket.  The signup form for the World Championship is available here. A Championship Ticket can be obtained by sending $5 USD to the PC PayPal at tickets@lotrtcgpc.net, or by requesting a sponsored ticket if either PayPal or $5 is unavailable to you.

Ticket proceeds are used to pay for shipping costs of all the prizes mentioned above, which adds up.  The top 8 will each receive a prize package, and 10+ other prizes will be raffled off during the Group Stage to all Walk-on + Group Stage participants (as well as viewers from our stream).  (Any donations received above and beyond the shipping need will instead go towards the ongoing monthly Gemp server costs.)

If you would like to support the World Championship, but don't have time to play, you can become a Ticket Sponsor.  Any additional donations sent to the PC PayPal in increments of $5 USD will add sponsored tickets to a shared pool, which can be claimed by players looking to enter. You get to help, players get to compete, and the PC manages to avoid bankruptcy when the shipping bill comes calling.  Win-win-win.

All of these details and more can be found on the World Championship page here.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here or on the PC Discord server.

We look forward to you showing us what you can do.  Make us quake!

Come join the Player's Council to help us run events, create new cards, and steer the direction of this great game!

Join our Discord here for more information.