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Author Topic: Some old MtG Decks I'd like to sell or trade for Lotr tcg Cards  (Read 3722 times)

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December 12, 2009, 11:52:42 AM
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Some old MtG Decks I'd like to sell or trade for Lotr tcg Cards
« on: December 12, 2009, 11:52:42 AM »
MtG Haves

A) "Old" MtG Decks

See, I'll sell some of my old Decks, which means Scourge (2003) and older.
I'll post all of them in a while, adding the next one tomorrow or something like that.
It's more for "older" players, all cards are in the old design and in English. But it's also nice for some beginners to see some really old style and old strategies. I'd like to trade them for some LotR tcg cards, which I will post soon, but you can also buy them.
Also, you can trade or buy only one or two cards form a deck, but trading the whole decks will be much cheaper.

Crazy Beasts Deck (R/G)

Rares (6):
3x Menacing Ogre
1x Callous Giant
2x Kaboom!

Uncommons (19):
4x Avarax (one of them is chinese)
2x Shaleskin Bruiser
2x Snapping Thragg
1x Ancient Hydra
2x Aether Charge
1x Threaten
1x Explosive Vegetation
4x Voracious Cobra
2x Assault/Battery

Commons (14):
2x Chartooth Cougar
1x Laccolith Grunt
1x Titanic Bulvox
1x Treespring Lorian
1x Snarling Undorak
1x Krosan Drover
1x Ironshell Beetle
1x Elvish Pioneer
1x Yavimaya Barbarian
1x Torrent of Fire
1x Misguided Rage
1x Smash
1x Frenzied Tilling

Lands (21):
14x Mountain
7x Forest

This Deck was one of my favourites when I started playing MtG 7 years ago.
There are many Classics like Assault/Battery that are known by every "old" MtG player.
The Strategy is quite simple: Just throw out your strong beasts, and while Aether Charge is in play, it's even harder for your opponent. Aether Charge is really strong with Avarax, and this shows the strategy. Hold your opponent with Cards like Assault/Battery and Voracious Cobra and then, just play your Beasts and burn your opponent with some really strong Spells like Kaboom!, Torrent of Fire and surprise him with cards like Menacing Ogre.

Cycling Storm Deck (U/W)

Rares (4):
1x Selfless Exorcist
1x Jeweled Spirit
1x Sunstrike Legionnaire
1x Planar Guide

Uncommons (3):
1x Daru Mender
1x Wing Shards
1x Rain of Blades

Commons (33):
2x Noble Templar
1x Mystic Zealot
3x Zealous Inquisitor
2x Mystic Visionary
1x Crossbow Infantry
1x Daru Spiritualist
1x Disciple of Grace
1x Frontline Strategist
1x Tireless Tribe
2x Shoreline Ranger
1x Covert Operative
1x Coast Watcher
4x Astral Steel
2x Second Thoughts
1x Recuperatethe
1x Guided Strike
1x Inviolability
1x Wipe Clean
2x Temporal Fissure
3x Hindering Touch
1x Dragon Wings

Lands (20):
14x Plains
6x Island

This deck has a couple of really famous cards like Selfless Exorcist and Jeweled Spirit that were played in Standard many years ago. The goal is to Cycle through the deck and use some of the Threshold abilities. It's pretty fast, and the cheap storm abilities are really nice combinations. This Deck has an answer to nearly everything and cycling abilities allow you to get whatever you need in a situation.


Control Deck (B/U):

Rares (9):
4x Stormscape Master
2x Possessed Aven
2x Whim of Volrath
1x Eviscarator

Uncommons (17):
4x Zanam Djinn (one of them is Chinese)
3x Goham Djinn
3x Unspeakable Symbol
3x Stupefying Touch
2x Stormscape Battlemage
2x Private Research

Commons (15):
3x Organ Grinder
2x Rush of Knowledge (one of them is foil)
1x Zombie Cutthroat
1x Gravedigger
1x Death's Head Buzzard
1x Seal of Doom
1x Unburden
1x Dispersal Shield
1x Dragon Shadow
1x Frightencrawler
1x Lingering Death
1x Trickster Mage

10x Island
9x Swamp

This Deck is similar the the one before, but has also many differences. Just hold your opponent with Cards like Seal of Doom, Unburden, Trickster Mage, etc. Then just destroy him with your Djinns which are pretty strong in multi-colored decks. Another Killer is Stormscape Master, gainin' life points and burnig the opponent down with your vampire ability is a nice strategy. As said before, it's more a Deck of powerful Cards that work alone, so as example Unspeakable Symbol. Use it wise and well measured and it will be a card that leads you to victory, especionally when, as in most cases, the opponent wont be able to destroy it.
I'll repeat it once more, these Decks are just for fun and wont win a tournament, but it's a nice deal for beginners or collectors.

Next Decks will follow.

B) Morph Deck


2x Weaver of Lies
1x Chromeshell Crab
1x Parallel Thoughts
2x Sand Squid
1x Archivist
1x Planeswalker's Mischief
1x Temporal Adept
1x Fleeting Image
1x Faces of the Past
1x Dream Chisel


1x Confiscate
1x Brine Elemental
1x Fool's Demise
1x Frozen Aether
1x Vedalken Mastermind
1x Brain Freeze
1x Willbender

1x Scornful Egoist
1x Rush of Knowledge (Foil)
2x Reality Acid
1x Pestermite
1x Echo Tracer
3x Disperse
2x Dream Stalker
2x Fathom Seer
2x Vedalken Aethermage
1x Backslide
1x Dispersal Shield (Foil)
1x Early Frost
1x Whirlpool Whelm
3x Sage of Epytir

This is a blue-only Morph Deck which uses many tricks and Combos to use your Cards again and again. If you think that Dream Stalker and Vedalken Mastermind are bad cards, you'll better think once more cus' with Reality Acid and Morph Creatures, you'll just be able to use them in some Combos. Many Cards, like Parallel Thoughts and Archivist, try to give you what you need and so, you can get your Combos early in the Game.

For trading, I need:


Just PM me if you're interested.


December 17, 2009, 08:57:34 AM
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Re: Some old MtG Decks I'd like to sell or trade for Lotr tcg Cards
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2009, 08:57:34 AM »
Added some new decks and the possibility to just trade some cards from one Deck.