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Author Topic: R/B Shadowmoor Deck to trade or sale  (Read 2723 times)

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December 16, 2009, 11:55:50 AM
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R/B Shadowmoor Deck to trade or sale
« on: December 16, 2009, 11:55:50 AM »
This Deck a is Red/Black Shadowmoor only Deck which I'd like to trade for some LotR TCG Cards or sale it. All the Cards are in very good condition.


2x Din of the Fireherd


4x Kulrath Knight
4x Torrent of Souls
4x Murderous Redcap
4x Blowfly Infestation
2x Ashenmoor Gouger


4x Cinderbones
4x Emberstrike Duo
4x Fists of the Demigod
4x Scar
3x Blistering Dieflyn

11x Mountain
13x Swamp
Additional Cards:
4x Puncture Bolt (Common)

This is a pretty nice -1/-1 Counter Deck. It's based on putting some -1/-1 Counters on the opponent's creatures and then, with Blowfly Infestation, which is one of the best Cards in this Deck. Especially when your opponent has got a creature with a -1/-1 Counter, you have a Blowfly Infestation and you play Murderous Redcap. Kill an opponent's creature, and cus' of Blowfly Infestation, put a -1/-1 counter on a creature you want. This Deck is based on many tricks with these counters and a Din of the Fireherd in the right moment and the game is yours. This Deck is more for fun or Shadowmoor players, cus' it isn't legal in T2 anymore.

For trading, just look here:

Just PM me if you're interested in.