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Author Topic: Ring Bound Wounders  (Read 3173 times)

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October 26, 2014, 08:27:11 AM
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Ring Bound Wounders
« on: October 26, 2014, 08:27:11 AM »
Hi everyone!  I feel like posting a new deck today, so here's a Towers Block deck I'm having fun playing:

Ring-bearer: Frodo, Tired Traveller
Ring: The One Ring, Answer To All Riddles

Adventure deck:
East Wall of Rohan
Fangorn Forest
Ered Nimrais
Deep of Helm
Caves of Aglarond
King's Room
Valley of Saruman
Palantir Chamber

Free Peoples Draw Deck:
3x Faramir, Son of Denethor
4x Gondorian Ranger (1x Starting)
1x Ranger of Ithilien (Starting)
1x Aldor, Soldier of Edoras
2x Leod, Westfold Herdsman
2x Weland, Smith of the Riddermark
4x Banner of Westernesse
1x Faramir's Bow
4x Ranger's Bow
1x Brego
2x Horse of Rohan
1x Sting, Baggins Heirloom
3x Defend It and Hope
1x Citadel of the Stars
1x Henneth Annun
1x Ithilien Trap
1x Stone Tower
3x Arrow-slits
1x Well Stored
1x Cliffs of Emyn Muil

Shadow Draw Deck:
2x Berserk Butcher
1x Berserk Savage
3x Berserk Slayer
3x Ranged Commander
4x Uruk Crossbow Troop
4x Uruk Crossbowman
2x Uruk Sapper
2x Uruk Spear
2x Driven Back
3x Devilry of Orthanc
4x Scaling Ladder
4x Siege Engine
4x Weapons of Isengard

The Free Peoples side is quite straightforward: if it bleeds, we can kill it.  The Horse of Rohan was absolutely begging to be part of a wounding deck, and with Ranger's Bow, any vitality 2 minion dies at the cost of one exert.  Then the Banner of Westernese essentially cancels out the exert, ready for you to do it all again.  The nice thing about splashing Rohan is that Arrow Slits takes care of pretty much everything that will otherwise scare you-Hides, Easterling Polearm (though good luck reaching 2 burdens) and Wargs.  Ithilien Trap and Cliffs of Enym Muil or Defend it and Hope will allow you to play 6 companions, negating Southron Commander.  The only real pain is Bound By Rage, though with enough exerts you can still pull through.  As said previously, Warg Riders are a nuisance, but they really don't like that Faramir preventing Wolf Voices.  Also, Banner of Westernese will liberate sites they might end up controlling, so it's not all that bad...

Also, it does seem criminal not to play Mablung in a wounding deck.  The thing is he doesn't really fit.  I start with the Ranger of Ithilien for early survivability, and a Gonforian Ranger as he's the crux of the deck when kitted out.  If you play Mablung instead of the Ithilien Ranger, a strength 12 fierce minion at site 2 might end you with a bad draw.

The shadow is possibly not the most effective in TTT, but it is fun!  The idea is to load up on tokens at the early sites, saving Devilry of Orthanc and Weapons Of Isengard.  Then, at site 7, release the bomb (King's Room is chosen as it annihilates Ents, which are the only ones with consistently 4 vitality), to get most companions to 2 vitality.  Then at site 8, drop a Berserk Slayer.  Use his ability, then heal him twice with Scaling Ladder, and do it again.  You'll have killed off almost everyone.  Then wipe out Frodo at site 9 with Weapons Of Isengard (and Driven Back).  Citadel of the Stars hurts a lot, so just pile out wounds if they play it.

Here's a replay of a game against Ents and Swarm.  The draws were quite kind to me at the end, but it was so satisfying to see 7 companions all drop at once!