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October 11, 2008, 04:46:21 PM
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Useful Resources!
« on: October 11, 2008, 04:46:21 PM »
This announcement will be updated as needed. Know something that should go on this page? Need something changed? Post on the sister thread in the Council of Cobra.

Cobra Cards

The Cobra Cards archives are available by clicking on the CC link in the top right corner of the webpage.

Card Database

The card database is updated periodically. When it is, the following two files are as well:

  • Database Spreadsheet: All of the card data that makes up the DB in Excel format. Don't have/want Microsoft Office? You can open it with no problems with OpenOffice (what I use).
  • Offline Database: This ZIP file contains all of the original HTML pages that make up the card database. You can browse the database while not connected to the Internet. Note that images are not included in this file. Edit: This is now somewhat obsoleted by the wiki.

Auto card preview lets you see card pictures inline with forum text. If you haven't already, try it out! :)

Deck Management and Online Play

Zorbec's Decklist Builder is hands-down the best deck management program for LotR. Its advanced search features are extremely useful for finding the exact card that you need. Furthermore, it can save decks to be used in both SdA and Lackey. Try it out with a bit of tinkering you'll realize its full potential. :up:

  • Runs on: Windows and Linux/WINE. Mac status is unknown.
  • Add-ons:
    • Put CardImages.txt in your DLB directory to let it use LotR TCG DB filenames. Then select a folder with the image library from the DLB options.
    • DLB2Lackey can convert Zorbec's decks to Lackey's .dek format. Put it in your LackeyCCG\Plugins\LotR\Decks directory. To convert a deck, drag-and-drop it on to the program.
  • Notes: Even though DLB can save in SdA's .xml format, if there is a card that SdA does not recognize (for example, a promotional card), SdA will crash when you start a game. If you notice this happening, remove the offending card from your deck before saving it, then add it back in.

Gemp is the most commonly used way to play LotR online. It features full rules validation, a chat lobby, card collections, a tournament system, and more!

  • Runs in: Your web browser.
  • Compared to others, Gemp has:
    • Full rules validation.
    • No need to download anything to get started.
    • The ability for people to watch your game.
    • A visual deck editor with various filtering options.
    • A lobby to chat with other players.
    • A virtual card collection (optional, but fun)

GCCG is another program designed to be able to play multiple CCG's. It is community-oriented and features a chat lobby. More info here.

  • Runs on: Windows and Linux.
  • Compared to others, GCCG has:
    • Extensive keyboard shortcuts.
    • An optional full screen interface.
    • Easy networking setup (no need for port forwarding at all).
    • The ability for people to watch your game. (Lackey has this, but poorly implemented).
    • A visual (binder-style) deck editor.
    • A lobby to chat with other players.
    • The ability to easily set up trades with have/want lists.
    • A virtual card collection (optional, but fun)
    • Native importing of Zorbec's DLB, SdA and LackeyCCG decks.

SdA was a commonly used program to play LotR with others online. It has a nice, themed interface developed specifically for LotR, and is usually quick to get up and running.
  • Runs on: Windows. Mac and Linux/WINE status is unknown.
  • Additional Requirements: .NET Framework, Port Forwarding/Hamachi
  • Add-ons: This updated SdA.xml contains links to the images in the LotR TCG DB. While modifying this file is generally not recommended, as it can cause crashes, it should be safe in this case as it is only a difference of URL's. Save it in your SdA\Database directory.
  • Notes: To host a game with SdA, you will need to be able to set up port forwarding with your modem/router, or use Hamachi with your opponent using Hamachi as well.
  • Compared to Lackey, SdA has:
    • A LotR themed interface.
    • Easy site path control.
    • A card attachment feature.

LackeyCCG is a program that lets you play any CCG with the appropriate plugin. The LotR Plugin has all of the cards from the LotR TCG DB. The interface takes some getting used to, so here is a tutorial.
  • Runs on: Windows, Mac and Linux/WINE.
  • Notes: Port forwarding/Hamachi is not necessary with Lackey, but is useful to establish a direct connection that would not be interrupted if the main Lackey server happened to go down.
  • Compared to SdA, Lackey has:
    • Generic interface, built from scratch.
    • A central server to chat and start games with other players.
    • Multiplayer support (up to 10 players).
    • An autosave feature so the game is not lost if the connection dies.
    • The ability to add custom sets and dream cards, which can be distributed as add-ons.
    • Customizable table zoom, panning, and 3D tilt.

Hamachi is a tool to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Applied to LotR, it can let you play a game with someone as if you were on the same subnet. In other words, it makes it so you don't have to hassle with port forwarding or hardware firewalls. Note that it can still be restricted by a software firewall / AV, so if you are still having network problems after trying Hamachi, see if your firewall is getting in the way.

The WWL is the World Wide Ladder for LotR TCG. It allows you to find those interested in playing LotR TCG on the available programs, such as Lackey and SdA. It has a rating system, so as you and your friends report your games you can see how you rank in the Ladder. This was once the biggest and best online Ladder for LotR TCG, and with enough interest we could see tournaments with prizes and monthly competitions up and running again!

Card Stores


CCG Obsession - Sets 1-13, 15, 17-18 singles, in addition to foils and promos. Minimum order $5.

CCG Armory - Boxed items.
Collector's Cache - Boxed items.
Dave and Adam's Card World - Boxed items and a few singles (no singles beyond set 11).
Hill's Wholesale Gaming - Boxed items and a few promos.
Potomac Distribution - Boxed items. Minimum order $150.
TheCardKid - Boxed items.
The Gathering Ground - Boxed items.


Cardexchange - Sets 1-13, 15, 17-18 singles, in addition to foils and promos.
Draconium - Sets 1-19 singles, in addition to foils and promos.
FYL Trading Cards - Sets 1-17 singles, in addition to foils and promos.

Games Lore - Boxed items.
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