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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Men Culture

Men Culture

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The Men Culture was one of three reworked cultures following the release of Shadows. Decipher's goals in redrawing Shadow cultural lines by Race rather than by nation are unknown, but it had the result of causing a schism between the Movie block era and the post-Shadows era, since the new and old cultures do not play well together. This had the effect of alienating the playerbase, who viewed the move as a marketing ploy to force players to purchase new cards (since the old ones were now incompatible).

The Men culture combined the Dunland and Raider cultures. Of the three new cultures it is arguably the most justified, as the original design called for both Dunland and Raider to be part of the same “Evil Men” culture, and for each nation to be represented by divisions of strategy and unloaded keywords. This turned out to be how it ended up working anyway, since the Dunland culture stagnated and Raider was divided between Southrons, Easterlings, and Corsairs; thus, the Men Culture was a move to promote the de facto state of these two cultures to a du jure unification.

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