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Looking at the prices of the current sealed booster boxes on eBay, my auctions of 81 rares (more than 2 booster boxes worth of rares) seem like a pretty, good bargain for you guys to grab some decent, cheap, bulk cards.

Still, there's not a single bid yet. Thinking about removing these auctions and putting everything up together in one lot, or maybe just keeping them for a few more years.

So if you're thinking about bidding on these and haven't yet, please do so soon, or they could be gone.

There's still a few listings more I was going to add with this round - another lot of 90 hunters block cards, a decent amount of non-english cards, a huge, bulk lot of lightly played/non-mint cards (maybe 1000s), massive C/U/S lots from sets 1-13 (might potentially build and sell 'poor-man's' decks - Have 100s of sites from sets 1-13), huge lot of Frodos/Sams/Rings...

I probably won't add any more auctions though until these ones get bids. Sorting everything takes time, as you know.

Anyways, please get bidding if you want more auctions listed, thanks :mrgreen:
Bag End / Re: Hi-resolution images of culture logos
« Last post by treebeard26 on Today at 11:26:39 AM »
That's great, thank you!
5th Auction is a Shadows rare lot

86 cards rare lot mainly from set 11, but has rares from sets 10, 11 and 12.

10R17 Out of The High Airs x2
10R19 A Dark Shape Sprang
10R29 Drawing His Eye
10R40 Easterling Berserker
10R51 Stampeded
10R58 Dark Swooping Shadows
10R60 Gorbag's Sword x2
10R67 Ulaire Cantea, Thrall of The One x4
10R71 Ulaire Toldea, Thrall of The One x3
10R75 Advance Captain
10R94 Orc Ravager x3
10R100 Speak No More To Me x2
11R10 Grimir, Dwarven Emissary
11R14 Well-Equipped
11R30 Erland, Dale Counselor x2
11R34 Gandalf's Staff, Ash-Staff
11R35 Glamdring, Foe-Hammer
11R42 Gollum, Skulker
11R43 Horribly Strong x2
11R44 Incited x2
11R48 Not Yet Vanquished x3
11R51 Smeagol, Scout and Guide
11R57 Boromir, Hero of Osgiliath x2
11R60 The Highest Quality x2
11R66 Well-Traveled x2
11R70 Bloodthirsty
11R78 Elevated Fire x3
11R81 Fletcher of Harad
11R91 Oath Sworn
11R100 Strange-Looking Men x4
11R108 Beastly Olog-Hai
11R133 Orkish Worker
11R134 Persistent Orc
11R143 Watchful Orc x2
11R154 Riders of The Mark x2
11R158 Sword Rack
11R165 Habits of Home x2
11R170 Pippin, Brave Decoy
11R179 Brawling Uruk
11R181 Determined Uruk x3
11R186 Furious Uruk
11R216 A Shadow Rises
12R9 Loud And Strong
12R19 Long-Knives of Legolas
12R26 Discoveries
12R27 Gandalf, The White Rider x2
12R28 Gandalf's Hat
12R37 Come Away x2
12R38 From Deep In Shadow
12R54 Saruman of Many Colours
12R72 Messenger's Mount
12S73 The Mouth of Sauron, Messenger of Mordor
12R74 Mumak Rider x3
12R81 Abiding Evil
Bag End / Re: Hi-resolution images of culture logos
« Last post by JamesCB on Today at 03:59:00 AM »
Read this post.

4th Auction is a Return of The King Block Rare Lot

81 rares from sets 6, 7, 8, 10. (mainly set 7).

More to follow

6R78 Easterling Army
6R89 Winged and Ominous
6R92 Eomer, Rohirrim Captain
6R101 Gate Picket
6R103 Gate Troll
6R106 Troll of Udun
6R109 Held x2
6R113 Merry, Impatient Hobbit
6R114 Pippin, Hastiest of All
6R124 Skinbark, Fladrif x2
6R127 Isengard Mechanics
6R128 Gate Troll
7R7 Gimli, Feared Axeman
7R9 Gimli's Battle Axe, Trusted Weapon
7R12 Preparations
7R17 Asfaloth, Elven Steed
7R21 Elrond, Elven Lord x2
7R25 Legolas, Fearless Marksman
7R38 Gandalf's Staff, Focus of Power
7R39 Glamdring, Elven Blade
7R44 Moment of Respite
7R48 Stay This Madness
7R56 The Dead City x3
7R58 Gollum, Plotting Deceiver x2
7R68 Scouting
7R70 Serving The Precious
7R71 Smeagol, Always Helps x2
7R74 So Polite
7R95 Gondor Still Stands x2
7R97 Gondorian Merchant
7R103 Hearts Raised x3
7R113 Pippin's Armor x2
7R114 Pippin's Sword x2
7R129 Bold Men and Grim
7R152 Mumak Commander x2
7R165 Southron Intruder x2
7R170 Suzerain of Harad x2
7R219 Ulaire Toldea, Wraith On Wings
7R223 Death They Cried x2
7R227 Eomer, Skilled Tactician
7R228 Eowyn, Dernhelm x2
7R232 Firefoot, Eomer's Steed
7R236 Herugrim, Sword of The Mark
7R241 Merry's Armor
7R249 Seeking New Foes x2
7R250 Snowmane x2
7R255 Theoden, Rekindled King
7R261 With Strength To Fight x3
7R267 Din of Arms x2
7R269 Fires Raged Unchecked
7R274 Gorgoroth Officer
7R308 Rally The Host x2
7R321 Merry, Swordthain
8R103 Grond, Hammer of The Underworld
10R1 Great Day, Great Hour x2
10R13 Phial of Galadriel, Star-glass x2
Bag End / Hi-resolution images of culture logos
« Last post by treebeard26 on April 21, 2021, 06:01:03 PM »
Does anyone know if there somewhere you can access hi-res images of the culture logos (you know, like the leaf for Shire culture), preferably in a b&w format with clear lines? I had this idea to make some coffee mugs with the culture logos on them for some friends of mine who used to play the game.

And if they don't exist... well I might have to try and see what I can do on Inkscape. If I can get them to look right I'll share them here!
Archives of Minas Tirith / Re: Strategies that Never Took Off
« Last post by Phallen Cassidy on April 21, 2021, 02:02:47 PM »
What's your metric of "never took off"? I think there are enough Nazgul burden decks to say that it did, same for Isenorcs. I'm not sure I have a good metric myself though. I'd say a strategy never took off if:
  • Successful execution requires divine intervention
  • "Successful" execution doesn't put you any closer to winning
  • There are enough cards to make players to want to build a deck around it, but not enough to make that possible
I guess that's a pretty low bar?

Watcher in the Water (before Ages End, of course) is a textbook example of the first and last. A fine-tuned Watcher deck would struggle to make an impression on a starter deck, and then even if you do lasting damage you've got use something else to finish your opponent off. Even with Evil-smelling Fens and Foul Things, you can put something up for 3 sites tops before you're just out of cards.

Uruk Discard is a good example of the second because it plays subpar minions and doesn't actually hurt the FP until the last card in the deck is gone, whereas Sauron discard can hurt the FP by taking away an event and slow their roll by taking away the Shadow cards they were saving. This deck is at a clear disadvantage until the end of the site path, at which point it's only at a mild disadvantage. Some other ones that stand out to me are:
  • Rohan mill
  • Southron burdens
  • Southron site control
  • maybe Beasterlings (e.g., Easterling Ransacker)
  • Sauron weapons
  • Sauron Wraiths
  • Bouncing Smeagol
  • Nazgul initiative
Some of these are great strategies in sealed though, does that count for anything?

I don't know if stealth/search is a strategy per say, but it definitely got left behind. I think what does exist is undervalued by players too, Wariness and Relentless win games for me at site 5 all the time. On a related note, every card concerned with The One Ring comes to mind. Resistance Becomes Unbearable makes the Nazgul ones decent, but the Isengard and Sauron ones are just awkward. I think they were going for something interesting (there's danger to using The Ring) but the approach was all wrong and no card even references it after Fellowship block (except ARBs).

3rd auction is 81 Towers Block Rares:
4R120 Forbidden Pool

4R139 Banished x2

4R146 Come Down

4R149 Driven Back

4R162 New Power Rising

4R163 No Dawn For Men x2

4R164 Orthanc Champion

4R166 The Palantir of Orthanc, Seventh Seeing-Stone

4R179 Uruk Assault Band x3

4R186 Uruk Follower

4R200 Uruk Vanguard x3

4R209 Volley Fire

4R214 Where Has Grima Stowed It?

4R218 Desert Legion

4R225 Easterling Captain

4R237 Ithilien Wilderness x2

4R238 Men of Harad

4R246 Southron Assassin

4R251 Southron Fighter

4R262 Aldor, Soldier of Edoras

4R267 Eomer, Third Marshal of Riddermark

4R271 Eowyn, Sister-Daughter of Theoden

4R274 Firefoot x2

4R279 Helm! Helm! x2

4R294 Weapon Store x2

4R299 Cliffs of Emyn Muil

4R303 Frodo's Cloak x2

4R304 Get On And Get Away x2

4R307 Impatient And Angry

4R315 Sam, Frodo's Gardener

5R11 Break The Charge x3

5R16 Down From The Hills x4

5R39 Stone Tower

5R51 Grima, Chief Counselor

5R56 Saruman, Master of Foul Folk x2

5R59 Sharku's Warg x2

5R69 Wolves of Isengard x2

5R102 Morannon

5R103 Orc Captain

5R70 Army of Haradrim

5R71 Company of Haradrim

5R78 War Mumak

5R82 Gamling, Warrior of Rohan

5R94 Thundering Host

5R125 Foul Horde x3

5R126 Army of Haradrim

5R127 Rohirrim Helm

5R128 Thundering Host

6R18 Galadriel, Keeper of Nenya

6R28 Ent Horde

6R31 Glamdring, Lightning Brand

6R35 Skinbark, Fladrif

6R41 Master Broke His Promise x2

6R50 Aragorn, Defender of Free Peoples

6R62 Fires and Foul Fumes

6R74 Sharku, Vile Marauder

6R85 Sword of Dol Guldur

6R89 Winged and Ominous

Listed a 2nd auction

80 rares and 2 promos

More to follow

0P56 Ghan-Buri-Ghan, Chieftain of The Woses

0P59 Erkenbrand, Master of The Westfold

1R22 Mithril Shaft

1R23 Nobody Tosses A Dwarf

1R28 Wealth of Moria

1R45 Galadriel, Lady of Light

1R55 The Mirror of Galadriel

1R66 The Tale of Gil-Galad x2

1R69 Albert Dreary, Entertainer From Bree

1R79 The Nine Walkers

1R81 Questions That Need Answering x2

1R88 An Able Guide

1R93 Arwen's Fate

1R99 Change of Plans x2

1R100 The Choice of Luthien

1R120 Alive and Unspoiled

1R128 Lurtz's Battle Cry

1R132 Parry

1R143 Troop of Uruk-Hai

1R147 Uruk Guard

1R199 Troll's Keyward

1R200 The Underdeeps of Moria

1R205 Beauty Is Fading

1R216 Morgul Blade

1R243 Despair

1R259 Morgul Warden

1R307 Pippin, Hobbit of Some Intelligence

1R310 Sam, Faithful Companion x2

1R314 Stone Trolls

2R1 Beneath The Mountains x2

2R11 Make Light of Burdens

2R12 Realm of Dwarrowdelf

2R15 What Are We Waiting For? x2

2R19 Release The Angry Flood

2R27 Staff Assunder

2R36 No Mere Ranger x2

2R38 Shield of Boromir x2

2R39 Beyond The Height of Men

2R52 The Balrog, Flame of Udun

2R53 Cave Troll's Chain

2R57 Final Cry

2R73 Watcher In The Water, Keeper of Westgate

2R74 Whip of Many Thongs x2

2R77 His Terrible Servants

2R80 Stricken Dumb

2R84 Ulaire Nelya, Ringwraith In Twilight

2R85 The Witch-King, Lord of The Nazgul x2

2R93 Tower Assassin

2R94 Verily I Come

2R97 Consorting With Wizards

2R105 Mithril - Coat

2R109 Orc - Bane

2R112 A Promise x2

3R23 Nenya

3R27 Vilya

3R50 Can you Protect Me From Yourself?

3R93 Morgul Slayer

4R39 Wild Men Raid

4R54 Rest By Blind Night

4R72 Killing Field

4R73 Legolas, Dauntless Hunter

4R84 Sword - Wall

4R91 Gandalf's Staff, Walking Stick

4R94 Hearken To Me

4R95 Into Dark Tunnels

4R100 Shadowfax x2

4R103 Treebeard, Earthborn

4R106 Well Met Indeed x2

4R107 Windows In A Stone Wall

I don't know why it put a space between each card but I'm not editing that on a phone with big fingers, my apologies

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